So far, who is unhappy in the history of football?:Indian news

The sky star in the history of football, the vast star is accompanied by the most 10? The ten kings in my mind don’t know if it can resonate.

NO.10 is the most difficult to surpass his full attack – Saint-Kru Iv – I didn’t win the World Cup, but I created a new world.

The player’s era, Kru Iv won the 9 Nurtle Championship, 3 Champions League champions, won the 3 European football; the era of the coach, he won the 4th Western champion, 1 review champion. And people impressed him the most, or the Dutch team full-age, although they only won the military team of the World Cup.

Whether Bailei is still Maradona, he has failed to create his own football tactical system, while Kruiv did, he represents the immortal football noun from ”full attack”. ”The attack is initiated by the door, and the defense begins”, this sentence interprets the soul of Kruif to the whole. Not only that, his signature has been named ”John Kru Iv’s turning”, this is a kind of fake action, speed and flexibility, and it is easy to get rid of the side behind the side. Man action. It can only be said that he is born is the wonders of the new world of football. We are very expensive to be born to the next person, but it is obviously very difficult.

NO.9 is the most difficult to surpass his amortiary – Green Elf – Ronaldinho – Football is everything, everything is for football

Who is the first person before Mero’s Double arrogance? Most fans will think of this name. At the age of 13, he hit 23 goals in a single person in the juvenile competition, and the team was 23:0 won. After adulthood, I have won the World Football Mr. 2004 and 2005, I got the European Golden Award, helping the team to get the American Cup, the World Cup, the European Champion Cup, the peak period is the world’s first high salary, and the hottest player. Look at him playing on the court, just like watching dance, similar to ”甩 牛 tail” is waiting for other people can’t imitate more than being transcended. Plus his silent oligo and introverted smile, like a wizard for football.

However, it is too unflavored, and now there is a drunk style of wine and the wine, and the Little Luo has gradually become ”dark elf”, and it seems that he is not good at nothing in addition to football. It’s a mess, hundreds of millions of families have a bad bankruptcy; not only the name is not only the name, but also a short-lived meteor, the peak is full of metrics; holding a fake passport abroad to engage in publicity, and finally captured imprisonment … It is ”Luo”. If he has the business mind of Da Luo, you can live a luxurious moisture. If he has the self-discipline of C Luo, the probability will become a new ball, but unfortunately, he is not allowed. The fans have a legendary story, and an embarrassing ending.

NO.8 is the most difficult to surpass his loneliness, loneliness – steel warrior – Matterus – even if the whole world does not understand me, I still have to win the game

Mattus is the world’s first ”Mr. International Football Football”, and his confrontation with Maradona runs throughout your career. Maradona said, ”He is the best opponent in my life”, many fans say that the great star of that era is a poker card, the king is Maradona, Xiao Wang is Matt. Mattus is known as ”Eternal Motor”, ”Steel Warrior”, he can attack all the positions outside the courses, and career has entered more than 200 into the ball. He once represented the Amazing 150 games, and participated in the World Cup for 5 consecutive times and creating a world record. Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey He was first one of the greatest players in FiFa International Football, most representative is his big shot.

However, loneliness and loneliness accompany the entire football career of Matterus, may be because of their own temper, he always kicked his football in a unfriendly atmosphere, in his football world, not so More friends and movements are always facing a variety of stress. Fortunately, Matterus is very resistant, I don’t know because Soccer Jersey Discount it is very tough, and it is forced to choose strong in an unfriendly atmosphere of the outside world. In the lonely, he took a trophy, perhaps this is his most important ”friend”.

NO.7 is the most difficult to surpass his emergency transformation – Alien – Ronaldo – this world can stop me, only my own knees

At the age of 14, he got a career in 1996. In 1997, he won the World Football Mr. in 1998, the World Cup’s best player was Cheap Soccer Jersey won in 2002. During the 96-97 season of the peak, Ronaldo scored 47 goals in 49 games, and the efficiency of the goal efficiency in the top leverage, it is not a species on the earth.

Ronald is the best forward striker in speed and technology. Under high speed running, in a very small space, emergency transformation into the door to pass the door, it is its iconic goal. Of course, this very destroyed the knee and the way of scouring, and finally Kits Football Kits knocked Ronaldo and had to leave the court. However, no one can negate, the peak of Ronaldo is almost unstoppable, and similar forwardings have not been seen in today’s world football.

NO.6 is the most difficult to surpass his unsolfable – Eight Panfish – Yasi – To break the door of the guard, you need a lot more

Yasi, the goddess, the world’s best goalkeeper award – the predecessor of the Golden Glove Award is ”Yi Xin Award”Football Shirts Wholesale, only a lifetime is only effective in the Moscow Dinamo Football Club. He is the only door to the Golden Ball Award in the world. It is the only door to the European Football. In 1970, the world’s best player ranked is second only to Baile, 2000 was evaluated by International Football Union. The ball Bayley said: ”If you want to break the door of Yasmin, you need to pay a double effort.”

How is Yasgen during the peak period? 79 times a representative of the national team, 78 times, the captain, in the first 7 years of the national team, only lost the ball in two games; attended the 812 games, 480 lost balls, but also rushed 98 tablets . Such a score, so far, no one is surpassing.

NO.5 is the most difficult to surpass his generation loyalty – Milan Lord – Maltini family – Three generations are wearing Milan championship, the glory of the family is also Milan’s glory

Paul Maltini is known as the world’s first left side guard, the national team and the AC Milan’s doubles, the team’s spiritual leader, on behalf of the Italian national team, participated in the Four World Cup and the three European Cup, only effective in AC Rice Bar football club. His career won the 5 European Champion League champion, and the 7th Joint Championships and other 26 prizes. Alien Ronaldo said: ”Maltini’s career is a miracle. He is a natural leader, an almost never committed the wrong defender. More great than this is his family three generations for Milan’s loyalty. Of course, this is also because of their family’s football talents, and the three generations can play in the first line of Milan.

The Maltini family of three generations acts in AC Milan and is a legendary existence throughout the world. In 1954, Sasal Malti wearing red and black shirts appeared on the court, opening the Milan Legend of the Maltini family; 1985, 16-year-old Paul Maltini in Udinese In the game, he staged his first show in San Siro. The legendary story of Milan 3 was started, loyal, great, calm, elegant, he deserved all the praise; 2020, Daniel Maltini in the array of Verona The game was played, staged the first line of the team in the league, and also made a family three generations of loyalty. A lot of players in a lifetime, a few generations of the whole family only play a team of phoenix rigor, and can be played in the giants like Milan, only the Martini family.

NO.4 is most difficult to surpass his extreme self-discipline – football machine – Cron – face luxurious life, I still maintain the most hard training, the most stringent diet

Christiano Ronaldo, today’s world’s own double arrogance, his and Messi who is the strongest, countless fans argue. 5 Golden Globe, 5 World Football Mr., 2021, also boarded the first place in the world football shooter. C Luo is more terrible. He is 13 years old to let the Portuguese Sports will be used in 1998 to use £ 1,500 to put him down, and recorded in a season, jumping into the U17, U18, second-line team, a line team, Single season 4 jump!

Messi and C Luo are stronger, there is no answer, but the body is best for playing the ball, it must be a body of C Rool. This is a peak football machine, the strength, speed, technology, bounce, flexibility is the top, and the past is similar to him with explosive strength and speed, the career is not very long, and C The peak of the Luo was at least in 2006 to 2019 next 14 years. In addition to their own talents, it is also inseparable from the self-discipline of ordinary people. After how many players got the wealth and status, they lost their own, but C Luo can insist that they will not drink alcohol, only boil the chicken and vegetables, and the daily training plan developed will be completed in the early hours of the morning, and they will be meticulous. Complete fitness training. I feel that Little Luo, if there is a half of the self-discipline of C-Luo, and will write a different legend.

NO.3 is the most difficult to surpass his lift-to-hand – the king of Barcelona – Messi – on my racket, your height power is meaningless

Messi, less than 1.7m, only 130 kilograms of weight, this physical condition and ordinary people have no advantage, in many strong top players, he still flashed and hung, his Smart is more than the imagination of the world. In the context with C Luo, Messi takes 6 Golden Globe Awards, 6 of the 6 world football, and his appearance, let all the way to define whether it is suitable for playing football, be paradox.

Messi’s gorgeous and dazzling, Messi’s smuggling, he harvested the best results with the simplest movements, almost everyone gave up a pair of people’s expectations, but even more anti-one, The success rate of defending Messi is still very low. The fans in this era are lucky, you can see the super superstars that Messi and C Ro Luo are very different but equally. Their competition is still going on, but C Luo has left Real Madrid, Messi also left Barcelona, ??maybe who can take a world cup, will become the king of the final victory.

NO.2 is the most difficult to surpass his terrible talent – Angel and Devil – Maradona – I am an angel of Argentina and the devil of England, is God to let me punish them.

The most powerful midfield in human history, no one. He was 14 years old (junior high school students) was transferred to the Ahae adult team, 17 years old (high school students) won the best shooter in League, 18 years old to win the championship, and 1986 World Cup is called Maradona A person’s World Cup, he has been even five people, the Hand of God, the century assists … Push Argentina to the World Cup champion, and will also fight the strongest England team in history.

Shevchenko said: ”The football match can take it down by a matter of hard work. It can be the kind of thing, this world has only one player named Maradona.” Maradona and Beiler Who is the best player in the history, people argue, but most people think that Maradona’s talent is unmanned, just like Holdle said: ”Beiler may be a better Some team members, but I think Maradona is the best genius in the people playing football on this planet. ”

NO.1 is the most difficult to surpass his god level prophecy – Crow ball king – Baile – my blessing is the most spiritual curse, don’t run, I am optimistic!

The only player who has won the World Cup champion, 1366 games scored 1283 goals, and gave the title of ”The Best Player” of the Golden Puppet Prize. We also said. Although many people say that Beiler’s era is too long, the football system is very backward, many of the current players will not be inferior to Baile, but as you have used the current college students, like ancient mathematicians. Standing on the shoulders of the giant to look down on the giant, this comparative itself is biased.

About Beiler, the ball skills don’t have to be said, maybe ”crow mouth” is more worth talking, many of the popular teams are in his prediction, even the Chinese team is also its victim.

Baile’s first (mouth) is the former Yugoslav, first predicted Yugoslav in the 1990 Italian World Cup, the second round of the team was eliminated; then the Yugoslavian European Cup won the championship, and the team was banned because the team was banned Even the competition has not been taken.

In 1994, the US World Cup, Bailee prophecy will realize the World Cup champion dream, and the team’s team is eliminated.

In 1996, the European Cup, Bell prophesiment that the Italian team won the championship, and the Turkish team will become a black horse, and the two teams are eliminated in the group.

In 1998, the World Cup, Bailee predicted Spain to win, and the team team was eliminated.

In the 2002 World Cup, the Chinese team was unfortunately seen in Baile, and the Chinese team team three war did not enter a ball in the C group pad. However, Beiler is still not letting China, but also said that the Chinese men’s football will quickly enter the World Cup, from this Chinese football.

In 2004, the European Cup, Bailei is optimistic about England, but also focuses on Lecni (Rooney is what is created), and the England team lost, Rooney was injured.

In the 2010 World Cup, Beili opened a map. He said that there is a African team will compete with the Brazilian team, and after the end of the 1/4 final, the African team and the Brazil are not visible early.

If there is any most difficult to surpass the superstar, Beiler must be ranked first, throwing the ball skills, this kind of ”crow mouth” skills have no ancient people, and they do not accept refuting.[Flame symbol flame symbol]

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