Solid! Owen and Harden teamed up to Durant! Famous Zhan Han: Net three giants change the single core!

On November 28th, Beijing time, NBA regular season NET is at home with 107-113. After this, although the Nets returned to the east of the 11th and 6 negative records, the content of the gold was greatly questioned, and the downturn of Harden was once again triggered.

Only 4 people in the game, the Nets here, Durant played nearly https://www.nbatrikots4.com45 minutes, shot 28 13, three of which three 7 in 4, free throw 11 9, contributed 39 points 9 rebounds 7 Assist 4 steals the data of the 1 cap; this Bryi first played the role of the strange troops, shooting 11 in shooting 11, 9 out of 18 points, 9 rebounds, is the only player who is the only positive and negative value; Ade is still the thigh, though Only played for 28 minutes, but he still contributed 18 points of 6 rebound data; then Harden, shooting 15 in shooting, only 12 points, another 12 rebound 14 assists 7 mistakes, although it is a three pair, but He has many lost mistakes on the court and is the key to the transfer of the basket.

After the game, according to the Net reporter Kristian Winfield broke the news: When At the fourth quarter of the fourth quarter, the fans of the Buckley Center in the home of the
basket team rang. (It’s not satisfied with the super stars of your own home team.

Durant filled the first quarter in this competition, after another 8 minutes or more clock left, it has been full of full, it is really full of efforts to fight hard, but It is hard to seek a win. In view of this situation of the basket network, the famous Zhan Hao Skip is open in the social media: ”Durant cuts 39 + 9 + 7 data, but he has almost no help from Harten, and the Net is now From the three giants to a single core. ”

From the perspective of last season, the Nets with healthy three giants are the biggest winning top, but I don’t expect the reality that would be so bad. Owen refused to vaccinate the vaccination, and the team has changed to the ban; the Griffin state declines, almost honest by the team; Harden, who is hoped, is now the implementation of the new rules, it is completely lost; De returning, Mills Equity, Durant has really become the commander of the light.

It should not be said that Durant is confirmed, average 28.6 of the league first, 54.8% of the shot hit, can still be difficult to escape from Owen and Harten pickers. Owen is a good friend of Durant. The two teamed up to do a career in the Net network, but now Owen is refreshing, betrayed Durant; Harden is Durant’s good brother, Durant recruitment Get a new glory together, but now the third brother Haden is pulverized, and only one of the big brother Durant is a person.

The goal of the Net Net is to fight, then it must be healthy, especially Durant is the core of the team, so now in front of Nash is: If you want to win, you will use Durant. Otherwise, give up the record rankings of the regular season, there is no need to fight, after all, the playoff is a real stage. So, what do you think Nash?