Sopeo-made Sheng’an help the team outside card competition to advance the national 4-3 strong reversal wineman

On October 2, Beijing, China officially opened the 2013 season.The first game is a national affiliate card, the first Washington, the first, Washington, in the home, Welcome to the Milwaukee.The nationals sent the strongest king of Xie Zer in the battle and death, and the winemaker was Woodrf.

This game, Xie Zer is unfavorable, and the first bureau and the second game have been slammed by two homes to lose 3 points.The nationals recovered 1 point in the third bureau. In the second half of the eighth place, the end of the end of the black morality, the national actually took a continuous division, and the Sodo became a hero. A one-line play is caused by the preparation and mistakes. The national reversal score.In the end, the National Home 4-3 reversing the winemaker will face the Dodge.

[Data Highlight]

In terms of the national, Sodo 1 is played 2 points, Turner Yangchun cannon 1 points, Strasberg relay three games 0 points 4 times. Brewers, Gran Dao 1, 1st score point.

[Competition process]

In the first place, Xie Zer sent four bad balls to the first stick Grid Sham; while Gran Dao wrote, the first goalkeeper slammed Xie Zer’s ball on the right country. In addition, a two-point cannon got perfect opening for winemaking, 2-0; Xie Zer quickly calmly, Musakas flat, Ruun was rolled out.

In the second half of the first game, Woodrf completed three three times, Turner rolling the earth was assassinated by the guerrilla; Eaton was killed by Sanzhen, and the Lenden League direction small football was killed, one game ended.

In the second bureau, the brewer player continued to actively attack pitcher. As a result, the second ball of Tamas once again slammed the home, and the Chinese and foreign wild balls let the team get the third minute, 3-0, ace The pitcher Xie Zer’s first two games were burned out of the two homes and lost 3 points. After that, Although Assia knocked out a hit, it did not continue to score.

In the second half of the second place, the Sodo waves out of the sky; KFRK knocked out a base, Kabrera and Suzuki clear, respectively, the second game, the second game ended.

In the third bureau, Xie Zer finally completed
the half-border of the three three, Gran Daouri was killed, Musakas and River Pu were divided.

In the third bureau, Roblet was standing three oscillars; Xie Zer hit the earth and forth; Turner came forward, knocking out of the left foreign country, high flying home, tap 1 point for the national, 3-1 The main line of the nationals finally took out the momentum should have. Finally, the Eaton flying ball is out, the three games end.

In the fourth place, Brian flat flying ball was killed by a base of the base; Tams a high and far ball played back on the left outer wild wall, the player’s second base; Kahn rushed out of the game but advanced The runner is on the third base; the Acy waves falls in the sky, and the winemaker can not score.

In the second half of the fourth place, Woodrf also completed three three strokes, and the Tunnden’s three-speed direction rolled out. Sodo small ball was killed, KFRK left outer wild flipball was also killed.

In the first half of the fifth game, Travis – Xiao Dynasty was debut, and the four bad balls were selected; the Grid Sham worldwear was killed; Gran Dao was also selected to keep the upper base, one person out of the first floor of the team The Musakas Wild Flying will be dead, and the rock is left by the three vibrations, and the winemaker left two restrictions.

In the second half of the fifth bureau, Woodrf ended the ball work. This game was over 5.0 games lost 1 point, sent 3 times, Zhen Zhen did not guarantee, very good completed the work of the first hair. Subt of the relay debut was knocked out by Robleto, but the other players did not fight performance, and the five games ended.

In the second half of the sixth game, Strasberg made a truncation pitcher and succeeded in Xie Zel. Xie Zer was over 5.0 games to be hit by 4, and the three points were sent 6 times. Braun faced a new pitcher, but Tmes sent a double kill, Kane was saved.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, Posalanz debuted, and sent two three-vibration and successfully completed the six games.

In the second half of the seventh game, Strasberg continued to shoot, the first battled Assia rushed to go out; Pitcher Po Mei Lanz was raised by Zhen, and Grid Sham wrapped the rod and was also arected.

In the second half of the seventh place, the national player continued to go out of the game, and the two sides continued to maintain the score of 3-1 in the first half of the game, and entered a final two games in a knockout.

In the first half of the eighth game, Strusberg three-ball three-ball, three vibrated Gran Dao, the Gran Dao, who hits the home, rolling the earth; Tupu knocked out the left outer wild flight Baseball, capture a point; but Braun is weak and the earth goes out.

In the second half of the eighth game, the Terminator Black Defold. Robrez was sent to Taylor, who was on behalf of Taylor, was attacked by Taylor, and chased the attack on the field. Turner was hit by Sanzhen, Zimmer Mana hit the base, and the four bad balls of Linden were sent to the base. .

Next, the strikes of the strike, one base, the result of Grid Sham, causing the three runners to returns the homework, and the Sodo is out of the bureau, but the national has reversed score, 3-4.

At the top half of the ninth, Daniel Hudson debuted. Tems was played by Sanzhen, Kane, Anga and Gamel, and the national home reversed.

[Two sides starting]

Milwaukee Sprong Team:

1. Trent-Grisham right outside

2. Asmar-Gran Daoji

3. Mike Musakas

4. Keston – Twin Loft

5. Ryan – Braun left outer wilder

6. Eric Toms

7. Lorenzo – Kane’s Chinese and foreign wilder

8. Orlando – Assa guerrilla

9. Brandon – Woodrf Pitcher

Washington National Team:

Tre-Terna guerrilla

2. Adam – Eaton right wilder

3. Anthony – Lunden 3rd

4. Juan – Sodo left outer wilder

5. Hayi – KFRK

6. Astoubar – Kabrera 2cher

7. Suzuki Catcher

8. Victor – Robleton

9. Max – Xie Zer Pitcher

[Next prospect]

The winning of the people will go to Los Angeles’s Dodge Course to challenge the first Dodge of the country. Dodge this season won 106 wins, the alliance is only 107 victories of space people, and is the only Baicheng team, which is the only Bausheng team, continuously typed in the country, and therefore, there will be very highway. Big.

Dodge home hits, OPS, toddler is the fourth of the Ranking League, and the team’s self-sharing rate and WHIP are ranked first. Dodge is expected to be Walker-Bille or Liu Xian Zhenpeng first. This season, the national and Dodge’s battle does not account for disadvantages, 3 wins and 4 losses a little bit of wind, maybe there is a fierce battle with the Dodge series.