Soviet football simple history (1): Su Cha super? Soviet? What is the Soviet top football league?

As mentioned in the Soviet football league, it is inevitable to let people think about Russian overall. So many people will naturally think that the top football league in the Soviet Union should be called Su Chao (and the scottish can not do it), but the fact is not the case, the Soviet football top league has been born in 1936 to disbanded in 1991, 54 seasons, there are different stages in different stages, but they have never had a ”Soviet Football Super League” statement. So, what have the Soviet top-level football league have been named? Let’s take a look.

Soviet Football Association Emblem

Some people may have questions, starting from 1936, and should be 56 seasons positive national news in 1991. Why is only 54 seasons? The situation is like this, the top League in 1936 and 1976 was divided into the Spring League and Autumn League, so the two years have two seasons a year. During the period from 1941 to 1944, due to the outbreak of World War I, the league was interrupted for four seasons. In this way, the Soviet top football league did only play only 54 seasons.

The Soviet top-level football league title:

1936-1937 – Soviet Group A Football League (1936 for Spring and Autumn Double Season);

1938 – Soviet Master Football League;

1939-1940 – Soviet Group A Football League;

1941-1944 – Airline (canceled by the Second World War in the Second World War);

1945-1949 – Soviet Union Football League;

1950-1962 – Soviet A Class A Football League;

1963-1969 – Soviet A Class A Group Football Champion League;

1970 aaj ki new – Soviet A-level senior group football league;

1971-1991 – Soviet Senior Football League

In 1965, Yaroslavlinnik Club against Moscow Route Poster

In the history of the top-level football league in the Soviet Union, there have been 63 musicians. These 63 clubs come from the following branch republic:

Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic – 32, 12 from Moscow, 7 from Leningrad (ie, St. Petersburg);

Soviet Socialist Republic, Ukraine – 12

Soviet Socialist Republic, Georgia –5;

Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic – 3

Soviet Socialist Republic of Armenia, Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus, Soviet Socialist Republic of Kazaki, Soviet Socialist Republic of Latvia, Soviet Socialist Republic of Lithuania, Soviet Socialist Socialist Republic of Tajik Soviet, Uzbek Suvue Socialist Republic 1 team of Estonia Soviet Socialist current news in tamil live Republic.

In addition, the team from the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic and the Turkmen Subvier Socialist Republic has never entered the League of League.

In 1981, the 10th Top 10 Top League Championships

A total of 12,275 games were conducted in all 54 seasons, with a total of 3,1324 goals, with an average of 2.55 goals per game.

At the beginning of the founding of the Soviet Football Top League, the team was less, and the team in the first three seasons did not exceed ten each season. Due to the disparity of the level of each team, 4 of the past two seasons have an average of 4. In the 1938 season, the reform league was expanded, and 26 teams participated. This leads to the total number of leagues in the season, and 1178 goals are generated. But this is only a year. Among the few tens of seasons, most of the time the number of participating teams will not exceed 20, and the level of participating teams can be reduced.


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