Space man OUT! In 18 years, the defending champion is full of MLB this magic curse.

The defending champion space is eliminated

The defending champion space is eliminated

Text / Gao Xin

Do you have a lot of magic curse in MLB history, more famous with the ”Goat Maguar” of the Chicago Cabin Team, 1945, the Billy Curse Bear for Goat, which is refused to admitted to the court, as long as you don’t let goats, the bear will never win The world contest, the final bear won the championship in 2016, successfully cursed. Another example is the ”Babi-Rusian Mantra”, Babi Rus, was sold by Boston’s red socks to New York, and cursed red socks. So, the red socks started from 1918, Changda 85 There is no crown in the year, until the 2004 final reversed base to break the curse.

In the 21st century, MLB’s defending curse was gradually formed. The curse is like the emerging soul, continuing to cover over the playoffs.

The ”defending shortage” in the longest time of the big league

Since the new century, although there are four years of the four years of Boston’s red socks, the San Francisco Giant’s five-year three crowns appeared, but an indisputable truth is that since the first year of the new century, since 2001, MLB has again There is no defending, this trend is quietly accumulated in the past year, but some people have missed.

The recent defending success is New York Yangji, which not only defended, but also completed three consecutive championships from 1998 to 2000, and more specifically, they were completed from 1996 to 2000.

Yangji has completed 3 consecutive championships in 2000, 5 years 4 crown Weiye

Yangji has completed 3 consecutive championships in 2000, 5 years 4 crown Weiye

Since 2001, the whole past 18 years, this 18 years is enough to cultivate a generation of players, but during this period, there is no team to defend. Perhaps 18 years is not long in MLB’s 100-year history, but looking at MLB’s championship history, this time is the longest of defending. Among the previous history, the longest period was 1978, after the Yang Bani, until 1993, the Toronto Bluebird completed the defending, 15 years before and after.

Since the new century, the two teams who completed the defending were the New York Yangji and Philadelphia, respectively, Yangji won the championship in 2000, but in 2001, I killed the World Competition in 2001, but I finally lost 3 to 4 lost the snake. Another time is Philadelphia Philadelphians. They defeated Tampa Bay in 2008. In the following year, Philadelphians were returned to the finals.

Regular competitions are super championship, but the space is missing a great opportunity.

In the fall of 2017, the World Competition, the Houston Space Strong team launched 7 wars and the Los Angeles Taoist team, and the final space team laughed to finally won the team history They followed the expectations of defending again after the 2001 Yangji and 2009 Philadelphians.

In the 2018 season, the space team continued to maintain a strong momentum, and the regular season won 103 wins and 59 losses, and 101 wins 61 losses in the last year were excellent.

Not only that, the space team last season MVP Otti, the World Contest MVP Springer and the Staff Brazlets are in the peak. ”Our goal is to defend, I hope to win a number of championships.” The coach Schiqi even said. 2018 is indeed their best opportunity, because the first Zuocou Kell and Super Multi-faced Hidden Sales will become free players after the end of this season, and it is expected to test the water free player market.

”We are the only team with the opportunity to defend.” Coach Schiqi said. He said yes, because the champion last year is themselves. Nowadays, the space people will lose, even if they can win, they can’t be counted as one defending. If there is a new champion this year, the earliest breakdown date will be two years later.

2017 champion core lineup will disintegrate?

With the defending of the space defending, Kagl, the risk of the union of Zarez will increase. After the end of the 2019 season, Otui and the first firman Willand, Grt Cole also became a free player. The 2017 winning puzzle will dismantle the danger.

Therefore, for the space team, it will retain people in the offset period and continue to maintain a strong momentum in the 2019 season will become the key to whether the class can continue to reserve.



If Kelg, Qi Sares is really off, and it will be a small blow for the space team, because they are the core of the Houston’s 51 winning 111 wins, and others have. Otti, pitcher Brad – Pikick. New aid Grit-Cole and rapidly growing potential players Frister White will make up for Kales’s lack, but it is impossible to replace his star performance.

If the Spaceman can’t be checked, Springer in the latter wagon will also be ignored, and the winning lineup of 2017 will be unrecognizable.

Red socks win the charm, remember 5 years ago?

The team who defeated the championship, its best destination is to become a new champion. After the 108-winned red socks will pick up the horse in the next season, they will wait for the winners between the World Competition and the winemaker. It is worth mentioning that the reddock team won the championship 5 years ago, at the time they were defeated St. Louis Red Spits, and the red socks have taken up the third champion trophy since the new century. After entering the new century, only Boston socks and San Francisco giants got 3 sessions.

Red Socks ushered in the championship?

Red Socks ushered in the championship?

As the red socks have entered the World Competition, they will be expected to become a team of 4 sessions in the new century, don’t forget that they have taken home in the past 3 times. At that time, as the strongest team in the new century, the red socks will challenge the defending. In other words, they are expected to break the defending curse in 2019. All of this depends on their results in this World Competition.