SportFive helps NFTSTAR and NFL stars Maikafida into exclusive cooperation

Recently, the official official of the Ninth City of Internet Enterprises NFTSTAR, with the world-renowned rugby star Christian McCaffrey, reached an exclusive business partnership, NFTSTAR will exclusive development, sales and Digital collection of McCaffri. The cooperation was fully promoted by Sportfive / Lajiall Sports China, helping NFTSTAR to enhance the global brand influence and product list.

Echo Li, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Sportfive / Lajiadale Sports Great China, said: ”We are very happy to promote NFTSTAR and McCaverry cooperation, this combined digital technology and sports culture Cooperation, will create a unique digital asset for fans, effectively enhance the player’s business value and NFTSTAR brand influence. In the future, we will continue to use the Group’s strengths in the world’s leading edge, bringing the brand, sports IP and fans. Innovative digital experience. ”

NFL football star Cristian McAfri

NFL football star Cristian McAfri

McCaffli is one of the top players of the American Football League (NFL). So far, the entire career is effective for Carolina Black Pantles, and running back. In 2019, McCaffli was selected as a full range of NFL All-Star Occupational Bowl, which was a total of more than 2,000 yards in the season. In April 2020, McCaffli renewed a four-year-worth tens of millions of dollars, making him the highest salary of NFL history. NFL is the first of the four major professional sports in North America, and is also the largest professional football big alliance in the world.

NFTSTAR is a digital collection community platform for users to buy, trading, interactive activities. Each digital collection has a unique mark on this platform, and the user has the only special right to pay for the collection, and digital collectibles can be traded with each other in the platform’s trading market. The NFTSTAR community platform covers stars in various fields, including but not limited to sports, entertainment, art, celebrity celebrities.

McCaverry will develop digital collections with NFTSTAR’s creation teams and artists, including video, animation and other digital art, etc., record McCaverry career and personal growth. After the digital collection of McCaffli, the buyer will receive the collection on the platform, not tampered with a group of records that can not be deleted, and the only ownership of the collection is obtained.

In the future, SportFive / Laga de Sport will adhere to the development and innovation, continue to explore cooperation in the digital economic sector and brand, sports IP party, and make full use of new technology to expand the border of sports business economy, providing deep interactions for global sports fans Experience, help the sports industry in the era of the era created more digital business models.