Sports class "walking", let students love to exercise more

Changsha Evening News Changsha November 3 (full media reporter Chen Liang correspondent Longkewei intern Li Xifeng) On the third day of the morning, the class bell rang, Changsha High-tech Zone Hongqiao Primary School Three (4) classes Pen Xuan His classmate Go to the track and field, join ”Football Class”, and practice how to talk to snapdeal customer care executive number playing football with more than 20 students from multiple classes in the third grade. ”We have begun to trial ’Sports Working System in Spring 2018, which has achieved good results. Especially after the’ Double Reduction ’policy introduced, sports is more attached. Now, this experience of this physical education reform has begun High-tech Zone is fully promoted. ”Just received the second year of Cai Chongxin,” Body Tree People ”, the top ten master of the top ten outstanding principal, said Zhou Lin, said.

On November 1st, the 2nd Cai Chongxin ”Body Tree Man” National Top Ten President’s list is announced, and Zhou Lin is famous. According to reports, this award is named by the name of Cai Chongxin, an Alibaba Group’s Board of Directors. It is organized by the Cai Chongxin Public Welfare Foundation to organize the principal of innovative physical education throughout the country to ”praise”, reward in innovative physical education. news in dailyindia in Excellent principal with outstanding contributions. The award-winning principal can get the 500,000 yuan RMB bonus provided by the Cai Chongxin Public Welfare Foundation, including the rewards of individual, empowering exchanges and school sports construction.

As the only principal of Hunan Province, how is Zhou Lin and her team embark on the road of physical education reform? On December 5, 2016, the National School Sports Alliance (teaching reform) Chairman Ma Zhenming’s physical lectures were ”headed”, and broadcast a ”seed” of ”developing sports” in Zhou Lin’s heart. Immediately, a physical education reform kicked off at Hongqiao.

In 2017, Hongqiao Primary School created a precedent in the physical education class in the morning of the morning, and truly practiced the philosophy of ”sports is the first discipline”. Since the spring of 2018, the school implemented the teaching of sports.

What is the teaching of ”sports work system”? Zhou Lin introduced that ”Sports Workshop” is the same time in the same time, when the original today aaj tak headlines administrative class is broken, let students choose the sports project according to the hobby and their own conditions, and specialize in the project class. Learning the form of physical education. According to the principle of ”first-class premium, three to sixth grade elective”, the school has opened football, basketball, pattern skipping rope, and aerobics, dividing 6 administrative classes per year into 8-9 professional classes. The narrowing the average class, put the same grade sports course in the same class, the same project implements a layered teaching according to the students’ skill level, and strives to make each student master a superior sports skill in the primary school stage, truly adopting develop.

Chan Yaqi has especially likes to skip the rope, and the school implements ”sports work system”. She did not hesitate to choose the skipping project and joined the school’s long rope team. At the 10th National Games held in the front, she got the second place with the players. ”I really like football. I started choosing football lessons from the first grade. Now my play is not low!” Peng Xuan Han, who was walking on the football court, very news articles india fast, he was happy to tell reporters, ”I used to Very fat, now become more robust. ”After that, he ran into the football field and he was trained in the world with his classmates.

In addition, Hongqiao Primary School also promotes the normalization of students ’exercise inside and outside the school through all-person sports meetings, zero sports, sports, post-class service, and sports homework, etc., to form the normalization of students’ exercise inside and outside the school, forming a total of 1.5 hours of exercise every day, and Introducing Smart Sports to carry out a pilot of cross-school community construction and evaluation reform. At present, the school has formed a full staff to promote physical fitness, and the whole staff will promote exercise and normalization. The whole staff will promote the skills of skills. The whole process is promoted to promote the intensive aajtak samachar in hindi intervention, comprehensive cooperation promotion work globalized ”five” Sports Development Pattern.

”Sports Work”, special sports courses, fun exercise and all-round sports meeting, let students enjoy fun in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, promote health, and develop a good habit of love sports. In the past five years, the quality of physical fitness in Hongqiao primary school has increased from 5% before the reform to 18.4% in 2020, and the sports discipline developed from the weak discipline as an advantageous discipline, and truly stationed to ”C”.