Starvate Master! Last year, he was still in the space man as "younger brother", now in charge of the red socks.

Text / Ma Zhongqiang

Yesterday, after the MLB Meeting Championship Boston Red Sox and the Houston Space Corps, the reddant team lost in the dressing room, and they retired the United States championship after five years, broke into the World Competition, for Boston. A champion city has been avoided for too long. The reddock team players celebrate the victory, and the champagne in his hand is a victory belongs to them. At this time, the coach Alex Clari is surrounded by the players, enjoy the joy of victory.

For this young hands, everything is beautiful, after all, in two consecutive years, the Different teams in Houston’s juice, the Differences, and it is indeed a high glory, happening, today is Corla 43. Year-old birthday, a Melan champion trophy will
be he received the best birthday gift. Obviously, the reddock dressing room after the game is a double happiness, people are found to be a birthday party or a championship, because only from the locker room. But in any case, this is the biggest day of the coach Alex-Kula.

Use victory to repel the ”Spy War”

Recently, the ”Houston Space People Team Spy Gate” event in the first game continues to ferment. It is reported that in the first United States of America, there is a man who is suspected of space team staff in the red sock team with a small camera to record everything in the Red Sox. Although this incident has caused a wide concern of the media, it is unrelated to the reddock team coach Alex Cola. It is not that because Colora lasts in the Space team last year, it is biased against the old East, but because Clari is in the scene of three consecutive victories, the big score 4: 1 hurts the spaceman, there is no need to pay these little things. After all, the Meidian champion is already the best ack of this incident.

Prior to this, the reddings came from winning any playoffs from the Houston’s juice. It was adjusted by the opponent in the last season; revealed that Cala, whether it is in the Red Socks Still in the space team, Cola has never lost a game in this stadium, so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, But I believe that the Meeting of Messian champion this season is definitely not the goal of Colora and Red Socks. Everyone is very clear. The champion of the World Contest is what they want. If you can break the history record of 108 wins If you take a championship, this is really perfect to the ultimate season.

He is a commander of the Red Sox

He is a commander of the Red Sox

Hold the old land, then in the final

Alex Cara is a birthday baseball player in Puerto Rico, graduated from the University of Miami, the career has been working in the Los Angeles Dodge, Cleveland India Cavalry and Washington National Team. In his 13 years of aesthetic career, he was exchanged 5 times, and his career can also be described as a displacement. After retiring, Cola is engaged in the three-year ESPN baseball explanation guest, and eventually returned to the baseball stadium in 2017, picking up the pointer.

Perhaps, the baseball field is a place that really belongs to Cola, and his brilliant coaching career is the beginning of Houston’s juice. In the 2017 season, although Colora is just a teaching assistant, the squad is coach, but he also coached three games in the last season, and is widely recognized by the industry. At this time last year, the outside world may not focus on Corla’s performance. After all, in the famous Ding Ding Sing, the low key of Clari is too inconsistent. However, it is a gold that will always shine, and the reddock team is in front of last year, and the choice of Karai is the next three years.

The Boston Red Sox was taken by the Houston Space Tower in the United States. After the game, the Red Sox was decided to replace the team’s five-year-time tall coach John Farrell. At this time, as the assistant teaching of the Space Strong Team, Cola also participated in the coach interview. In the end, the only one year of assisting teaching experience, holding the reddock team three army printed, although the choice It seems to be a bet, but now, everything is the correct decision. Kora is also very happy to accept the challenge. Last year, after the glory of the world championship, he resolutely leaving An Le Township and approved the position of the red stocking. This is like the Native Basket Golden State Warrior Team to help Teach, Wharton in Steve – Steve After Koore got the championship, I only went to the Angel City to save the defeated Lakers.

Shao Shuai

Shao Shuai

Although it is the result of leading the youth, the result is a big phase: Wharton’s Lakers have been in the reconstruction period. This season LeBron James may play a positive role in the team, but strength compared to the West Hao Qiang is still a slightly; discretionary Cola, this season led the redddle team guys to achieve the best record of the team, Lian Kehao, capture the Meeting of the United States, and break into the World Competition again in five years. In this way, Boston’s sports professional manager is still more vision than the elites of Los Angeles, and Cola’s performance is definitely worthy of the boss of the Red Sox.

The reddock team can win the opponent in the country, it is really more than the imagination of the outside world. Some Boston fans even have a chance to return to the Fenwei Stadium to continue this season. After all, the sources of juice The stadium is not the blessing of the Red Sox before. But this time, everything is worried that the smoke is disappeared, and the reddock team does not have to return to the homeland to continue the United States championship. They are going to prepare the first battle of the World Competition held next Tuesday, waiting for the National United Championship. This time, the reddock team finally drunk this bottle from ”Fruit Orange” in Texas.

Boston Edition ”Speed ??and Passion”, Cora Confucian ”Tang Lao Big”

I believe that the first time I saw Kara, I will feel that he is very similar to Hollywood Sunday – Dishier, and Dissel is playing in the ”Speed ??and Passion” series of male protagonists ”Tang Lao Big” more It is the feeling that it is the Turn version in the Colorandum. It is a small wheat muscles in Spanish, and it is more feeling that it is in Boston’s ”take the leader”. Although Corra’s role in the team is the highest commander, it has absolute authority, but his usual coaching concept and leadership style is definitely close to people, without a silk shelf.

Usually on the side of the field, the most Dress of Cala, which can be seen is the official pullover of Colora, and the team members are often smile, so in the team, Cola has been strongly supported by the players. Yesterday, after the birthday party, I believe that everyone can also see this, the players are sincere in the birthday of this big brother. Corla is more encouragement rather than education. After every game, Cola will say that this is a collective victory, which is proud of the team.

In the first US union final, the main pitcher Chris Saier played a poor play, after the game was diagnosed with abdominal inflammation, it was absent three games, and Colora was also expelled from the referee, the team was also The first defeated. Although in the face of unfavorable situation, Kara is still confident to the team, and it is strongly supported to replace the Pitcher David – Ples. Although Prab ranked out of the competition in the 11 games before the final of this season, Cola’s encouragement and recognition made Plesce confidence, in the harvest season, the first victory At the same time, the trend of the reddock team will be saved this season.

Plesce became the key

Plesce became the key

During last night, Ples once again walked on the position of the pitcher, this time, he finally looked for the first victory of his career, once again played a strange troper, with excellent performance to keep the red stocking team World contest. After the game, Ples once once again sent it to the coach Cala ”This is the family style of Colora. He is willing to believe us, willing to change the tactical change.” It may be as Ples. A champion head that dares to obtain a regular season 108 willing to accept everyone’s suggestion and tactics, how difficult is this.

Not only that, this season played excellent Meeting final MVP Xiaobradley, it was difficult to cover the worship of Cora, and he also said after the game: ”This is the side of Colora’s common people, he is willing to We communicate, keep in touch with us, just like family and friends. I think he is a piece of our side, but we can understand his leadership style and his role, we can do handsome, friends. ” This atmosphere in the team is unavailable, I believe that the leadership style of Clari is definitely a major key to returning to the Red Socks this year, and the Boston’s take the leader brother. It will also lead the brothers to create their own speed and passion.

The soil retrieval, the old friend meets

After the game, Clari has a few words with the spaceman coach, and I thank the old friends and the whole space team: ”Sché and the space team gave me a chance to become one of them. Member, and cultivate me to become a real coach, let me have the opportunity to understand the different aspects of the court, I am also proud of them, they also created a perfect season. ”Of course, Xinqi also does not The praise of this old partner: ”Now there is not easy to manage in the team, I know that I laughed, but everyone thinks they are a very good manager. But have the ability to command a team and lead They went to glory, he should be very proud. I think Clarivan’s beliefs and styles are where I should praise, this is what he should feel proud. ”

This season is a rookie coach to break into the world contest, which is a miracle, and reviewing the whole red socks, this is more like a fairy tale. May Bora and his disciples can make persistent efforts to bring the champion trophy to Boston and continue to write the legend.