Steel people’s corner sweeping on the small beef, the last time, I only contribute to him in this words.

One of the leaders of the League, Odel Beckham is traded to the Brown team, which may make the Red Leather’s hornwood, Norman, lost some fun, but for red skin, cowboy and eagle Defense second-line players are undoubtedly a huge gospel. After all, it is not easy to keep the external connections that have a shock-catching ability. However, some people want to accept challenges – For example, the two corner players from the Pittsburgh Steinner Joe-Hayden and Steven Nielsen, they said that they have been ”caught” hopes to carry out more than two times a year.

”I can’t wait, my guy.” Hayden told TMZ Sports Reporter said, ”In order to fight the strongest opponent, you must be the strongest.” This season will be the third of Henden’s effectiveness in the steel people. As the first round of the first round, the first round of the first round of the 2010, he was spent in the Brown team in the first seventh season. He was selected for professional bowls during this period. In the last year of him, he has a handcuffed record with Beibei, who is still in the giant team. That a giant team overped the Brown team with 27-13, Xiaobei completed 6 batts to advance the 96 yards and twice the ball to shine the audience, and Hayden was only flattened. That is also the only place to match, but now, Hayden ”revenge” has come, even if he is old, he will not be soft.

Compared with the grievances of Joe-Hayden and two teams, Nelson, new team, apparently did not have so much concerns. Last month, he was signed with the steel people for a three-year value of 25.5 million contracts, which was very excited and sturdy for the issue of Bai Beibei. ”I welcome challenges, or twice a year!” Nielsen said.

The ”Steel people can release such a righteous language, or because they have some successful experiences and experiences when they are guarded their top. It is to know that the Tiger’s star’s outer pickup AJ-Green has a boller in the steel man, which is already in 2015, which will certainly hit a strong intensive agent for the steel people’s second-line defensive players. However, now the top of the Brown team does not only have Beibei, and he has formed a ”dual-core mode” of the Brown team with Landri. If the steel people want to limit them in two, maybe the sea is really needed. Deng and Nelson Qi Qi Talent Talent.

However, I don’t think this kind of speech represents any fire medicine, and at least Hayden gave his old east’s Brown team and Xiaobai. ”I am happy for Cleveland,” Hayden said, ”That is a great city, there is a good game atmosphere, they deserve everything; Odel (Beckham), that is a good friend, I understand He, I know that he will bring a lot of talents and flash points, which is a great help for the Brown team. ”

The expression of Hayden is a more mild, indeed, to maximize the top outer junction is the most convenient way of a corner guard, although Hayden is about to usher in his 10th season, but important, this season It is his contract year. If it is excellent, it is likely to earn a new big contract for yourself. Of course, this season’s challenge for corner will be more severe, such as the newly introduced ball interference against the rules.