Substitute 5 people only 11 points, Adu went back every night 44 minutes overdraft mode! Nash called geeks

Nets moment of offensive and defensive performance getting better, played the first record of the east, the short term can still tied for first place, Durant is ranked second in the official MVP list, such results can or can not make the fans convince. The Suns played the longest winning streak of the season 15-game winning streak, they still questioned gold of them, that only such a strong team to defeat the Warriors and Nets, was persuasive. So you will find that no matter how the team has made excellent record, after all, was to nitpick.

However, the question is a good thing, at least for the parties get a chance to prove himself, and the best way to doubters mouth is blocked with a record smashed into question. Nash as Nets coach, because the newcomers to be able to coach Durant and Harden this historical levels of stars, similar to gamers took up a full level number and you play with ”PK”, of course, will lead to questioning; and even when Owen have some sense of defeating son, he did not speak publicly Nets coach, which is similar to the old Kongming Gang Liu Bei’s army shut down and can not be supported by the same support. Therefore, Nash led his unit needs to play a convincing record, preferably a shiny championship trophy.

In the earlier game against Cleveland, we saw Nash formations change, he used Thomas, Carter, etc. play little role player, and therefore subject to the miraculous. This idea is very correct, after all, the Nets want to go more long-term, it is necessary to mobilize forces outside of Durant and other key players, to build a their own ”off the bench.” Nash also has served as consultant in the Warriors team, the rise of dynastic nature is clear in mind, can not discern the beauty of them do it?

Naturally he knew quite well, but also to act, after all, can only learn some fur champion. The opportunity is given to the role players, but they can not play offensive and defensive performance stable and lasting, and can not play the Warriors as ”East West does not shine bright” miraculous. So we looked at the performance of the Nets arena, going around in circles, the team seems to have become a ”Harden Durant +” singles ”Thunderbolt II less mode”, in addition to not much highlights and new thing, from Nash’s coaching ability exactly what needs to be show out of it?

Finally, the Nets second home ushered in western Suns, Nash powerful duel once again tested the ability of employers coaching. We can see what kind of result? Nets lineup a total of five people get playing time, they only add up to a total score of 11 points,
the Suns off the bench to score up to 32 points; Durant individual playing time is 44 minutes and 50 seconds, Harden played time of 39 minutes and 50 seconds, it is coming back to its former Thunder two little singles mode. In contrast Suns two core: Paul played nearly 36 minutes, Booker played nearly 32 minutes, as the playmaker they have been regular playing time.

We can only rely on his storm when A Duqie exchange for overdraft mode and into a scoring drought in the Nets, this is not a good signal. I do not know if you remember the old Warriors 18-19 season, wound up falling because Andre Iguodala and Green pointers capability, coupled with years of finals of a taut string, they are in the regular season stage rely heavily on Durant’s singles, led to the final Adu appeared almost devastating Achilles tendon rupture in the playoffs, the Warriors dynasty and thus also collapsed.

Perhaps not much mind on tactical arrangements, so that the fans nicknamed it ”formations geeks, east Nets Nash, the Lakers Western Vogel.” Old Durant and Harden chose the Nets, presumably not to fall into this pattern singles again, but want to get a new tactical system, to make their attack more efficient. But now Nash’s inaction, perhaps two and Doha early heart drifting away; but Harden has not been reached and the Nets advanced contract renewal, after running away is not without possible.