Summary of MLB16: The United States and Indians locked the partition of the national union situation is still complex

On September 16, Beijing time, the US duty wander Union ended 15 games, the results were as follows: Sapphire 4-17 Dodge; Warrior 1-7 National; Indians 15-0 Tiger; Bear 1-0 red基 7-8 Bluebird; ray 7-5 sportswate; Jinyu 0-2 white socks; Philadelphians 5-4 Marin fish; space people 10-4 tariser; winemaker 1-3 pirates; Royal 10-3 pairs of giants 3-0 rocky; red hose 5-3 metropolis; giant 3-0 rocky; angel 5-6 sailors.

Atlanta Warrior 1-7 Washington National

The first bureau of the national score, two people in the case of the base, Hu An-Soto’s right time to send back Bryce – Harper; But the first half of the warriors will divide the score, Freddy – Frifeman Sacrifice to send back to the third base, the favorable competition of the best newcomers in the two Kingdoms, the best newcomers.

Going to the fourth game, the warrior first firing Shilan controlling the problem, full of equation, the Barrier, Eaton, squeezed back to the superfine; the sixth game is Eaton, the second base is ready to send back Jinobo, followed by Pelthe Turner continuously selects the guarantee, the Anthony Lun Deng hits the rules of the Anthony – Len. The rules are played, and the national will be two points, and the single bureau gets 3 points to obtain 5-1 leading.

The next game has been in series with more than 2 points, and the final score is 7-1, and the national scene is great victory. The three pitcher jointly let the warriors hit the two pairs of 1 points and divide them.

The Warriors after the transfer of
the ball also leads the second Philadelphians in the country of the country, and the advantage is obvious.

Weird's retrieval rescue success

Weird’s retrieval rescue success

Philadelphia 5-4 Miami Manalin

Marin fish took the lead in score in the second game, in the case of the two people, Austine-Den returned to Ditrich on the second base, the Malinfish 1-0 leaded. However, their offensive did not end Magnellis-Xieli-followed, Peter O’Brien, I also selected to keep it, forming the base, this time JT-Ridel hits the second base to beat, clear the base All runners, Marin fish have achieved 4-0 leading the second half.

However, Philadelphians did not have to show weakness, and they also captured the base, and they were returned by Justine-Bauer, and the score was reduced to two points.

Philadelphians were in the fifth bureau, and a three-year gun in Cesar-Ernande was sent back to Kabrera and Erela, and Philadelphians 5-4 have exceeded score.

Both sides of the next game have failed to organize the start of the sample. The Ninth Bureau of Philadelphie sent the rescue of the reservoir, and he did not look forward to the public, and the 5th rescue was successful in three three times. A total of 15 pitks were used in 17 games on both sides of this game.

After the game of Philadelphians, there was a gap between 6.5 fields with the partitioned head-name warriors, and the gap between the second rocky group, retained the hope of the playoffs.

San Francisco Giant 3-0 Colorado

Rocky competes for the key battle of the playoffs, yesterday they lost to the giant at the AT & T courset, today they sent recently the hot Herman – Marqui-Marquis wanted to revenge, but Maquis suffered from the second game The giants set up two consecutive security to account for one or three bases. They also touched two points from Marquez, and the giants were 2-0.

Third game, he broke the investment in the case of some people in the third base, gifted, and the giants were 3-0 lead. The two sides therea have an occasional base, but there is no reappearance, the final giant 3-0 battle Rocky, rushing Rocky from the position of the partition faucet.

Madison-Bangana six-game pitch did not lose, the self-blame rate was revoked to 3.14, Maquis is a six-way patch lost 3 points, swallow the 10th defeat, giant pitcher Will-Smith won the personal season In the 12th rescue, the Rocky game is only knocked out from the first rod to the sixth rod, and it has not been connected in series.

After the conversation, the record came to 81 wins and 67, and the 4-game winning Dodge is more than half a winner, and the second place in the Division is currently in the second place, only the brushfront of the third card. Half a winner.

Milwaukee Brewingman 1-3 Pittsburgh Pirates

The first half of the winemaker has gone leader, Christian, Jereg, knocked out a home run from Ivan Nova, this is the 30th of his personal season, winemaker 1-0 lead. However, the pirate quickly sailed, Dickson selected Korin – Moran hitting a play, and he even ran three-speed package to return to the home base.

The fourth place in the fourth game of the pirate is overcharged. In the case of no one out, Josh-Bell and Francisco-Seribli will then next, the pirate team 2-1 is leading. The sixth bureau has once again captured a two-story, this time they launched a two-pirate tactics. At the time of passing the fourth base, Marta was directly returned to the homework, the pirate 3- 1 Expanded the lead.

In the second half of the ninth, the pirate Terminator Vazix closed the 33rd rescue in the season, and the finals took 3-1 Lick’s wine troops. The pirate first pitcher Ivan-Nava six bureau only knocked out 4 Anhing is 1 point. The gap between the winemaker and the bear after the transfer of the ball is pulled to 2.5 games, leading the second Outer Carloji team 3.5 games, leading the third red spotted 4 games.

After the Indian championship of the zone, I celebrate in the locker room.

After the Indian championship of the zone, I celebrate in the locker room.

Cleveland Indians 15-0 Detroit Tiger

The Indians have come up with Francisco – Lin Mo hit the first pretended home strike, followed by Bradley and hit the back to the back of the bacterow, these two home runs directly to retreat the Tiger First Potter Michael – Furmer,. Tiger is currently surprising, they have fallen 4 points before caught the first number, and the ninth stick Perez hits it to send D Diaz, the Indian Single Office receives the sixth point, the first The first bureau of the batter Lin Mo even got the opportunity to attack the next attack, and finally they ended the first game 6-0.

The second game of the Indians did not intend to closer, one consecutive player, including 5 security, four bad balls and tentabed balls, they also came up with 5 points, two games ended Get 11-0 leaders.

The third bureau, Nakahi, after the guarantee, Yang Del Alonso hits the home run, this is the 23rd of his personal season, the Indians have been 13-0. After two points, they didn’t score again. The final score is 15-0, the Indian people wins.

First, the pitcher Klevin Sixth Bureau is only knocked out 1 safe place, not lost, get the 12th wins in the season, the self-blame is removed to 3.06, and the Indians after winning will also lock the partition name, become this The second team got a seating seat at the season.