Sunshine education

The second primary school in Yishan Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, was a migrant worker school, and 392 students in the whole school came from 18 provinces in the country, covering 11 nations.In recent years, schools practice ”Sunshine Education, Sports People” Education concept, carrying Sunshine Sports as an important carrier in promoting the connotation of school running schools, and holds the sun sports class and student community activities, and cultivates students’ positive,The initiative, optimistic attitude, makes a migrant children’s schools to break through the difficulties, and go out of a unique development path.

Sunshine Categories: Sports has become a student’s like

As a typical migrant master, the students are complex, and most of the students lack confidence. In order to enable them to enjoy the fun of sunshine sports, grow up healthy and happy, the school launched the sun sports class activities in October 2010, combined with the needs of students’ interest and development, and conduct sub-project activities in class, and according to the year characteristics The cycle cycle is carried out for 4 event items per week, and the students are involved in students.

Because the school has no full-time sports teachers, all teachers in the school have become part-time sports teachers. Regardless of the heat, the winter, all teachers will wait for the playground, and organize students to organize students to carry out sports activities, and they will exercise with students, and accompany them.

11 years insisted that there is no tradition between sun sports, the content is increasing, from the beginning of the game, running, jump rope, to now more than 10 martial arts, single-wheeled cars, roller iron ring, football, basketball, etc. Project, project continuous update, form constantly optimized, gradually forming your own characteristics, create a charm class with school brands. At the school-hosted, Zhejiang Country School Sports Work Promotion Association, students’ sun-star self-confident spiritual style, characteristic sun sports class and colorful sports art show attracted the attention of the school sports workers in the province, they have The wonderful performance of students.

More proud, students are more and more like sports activities, fall in love with physical education, happy to implement the physical exercise every day, physical quality and physical health level increase, in national physical current new health standards, students pass rate Reaching 100%, excellent rate of nearly 60%, ranking in front of the county. The school was rated as ”Zhejiang Health Promotion School”. Students are less than 3%, and the myopia rate is less than 7%, which has declined year by year.

Student Association: Sports Skills Become Students’ Specialty

With the deepening of physical education reform, students have become more and more interest in sports, and the student community came into being. In October 2011, relying on the regulatory operation of the rural school boy, the school launched a juvenile palace community covering sports, art, technology and other fields to meet the different needs of students, so that students have at least two sports skills and form specialty, for students Create a platform for cultivating interests, showing self,aaj ka samachar aaj ka samachar and improves quality. At the beginning of each semester, students were free to choose interested physical education courses according to their hobbies. Every Thursday afternoon, the whole school is studying, it is the most expectation, the happiest time.

10 years of plowing, sports community, spring bamboo shoots continue to emerge, football, single-wheeled car, martial arts, model, roller skating, basketball, badminton, etc. are well received by students, which also became students to find sunshine and confidence, enjoy success and happiness Important stage.

In just 5 years, the football community has been in a few, weak to strong, and the school football team has repeated achievements in the county and city competitions. The school’s carefully planned campus football culture festival and campus football league becomes the daily news in hindi today most popular sports culture activities. The unique football class is a business card, which is proud of the school, 392 people in the whole school, and the magnificent scene is amazing. The campus football has achieved the school’s characteristics, but also made a dream of each student who loves football. It realizes the ball of moisture, with the ball, with the ball, with the educational function of the ball.

Students ride a wheelbarrow in the runway and walk a unique landscape of campus. Especially during the exercise process, the children have fallen again, and they stand up again and again, will have fun, and enjoy fun in sports activities, enhance physical fitness, improve personality, and temper will. . Inspired by the wheelbarrow project, the second primary school in Yishan Town refines the spirit of ”Sunshine, Freedom, Independence”.

Five Education Fusion: School Sports Achievement Beautiful Life

Solid multivariate sports is an important carrier of the second primary school in Yishan Town. .

Wang Yinhan, a Tujia girl from Tongren, Guizhou, used to silencely ignorant, inherently inferior, three grades, his father was unfortunate, the whole body was burned, and the life was in desperate. In the school sports meeting, she received a 400-meter-game champion, and therefore joined the school football team, which made her have a chance to break into butterfly. Football training makes her slowly become optimistic, cheerful, and the academic performance has been steadily improved, and many times have been rated as an excellent student. She prominently in the football event at all levels, was rated as ”Wenzhou Excellent Football Player” ”Wenzhou City Campus Football League Top Side Shooter”, and has multiple of the best lineups in the league. In the school, there are many students like Wang Yinhan.

School Sports not only cultivates students ’tenacious will quality and never give up, but also inspiring students’ interest and learning motivation, so that the school’s teaching quality is increased year by year. Starting in 2020, the school ranked first in the county rural school teaching quality for two consecutive years. Sports became the fulcrum of the comprehensive development of students, but also set up a growth and empowerment platform for the whole school teachers, making a large number of physical education teachers stand out and become a physical education.

Fine rigorous sports routine, special sports courses, silent sports culture, so that Yishan Town, the second elementary school in the sun, the reverse attack, and has achieved fruitful results. The school is the first batch of ”National Youth Campus Football Characteristic School” ”National Science Education Demonstration School” ”Zhejiang Province Promoting National Physical Health Standard Excellent School” and ”Wenzhou Youth Aviation Sports School”, have been rated as Wenzhou City for 5 consecutive times Adult ideological and moral construction excellent position. With the solid promotion of school sports work, the school initially formed a ”five-education integration, sports, comprehensive development, high-tech long”, from a unmanned migrant children’s school ”breakout” to become a recognized one of the local people High quality rural school.

(The author is the second primary school principal of Yishan Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province)

”China Education News” November 02, 2021 9th Edition

Author: Chen Zhongyu