4 choice 1! Bayern locks Arabic successors, the smallest 17 years old, the biggest person is only 23 years old

Allaba is free to pass after the contract announcement today is expired. This can be hungry, left defender, and even defensive midfielders. Multi-faceted hands, for the Bayern’s afterlife, a non-small loss. Bayern is focusing on the line of defense this summer, in addition to introducing at least one new Zhongwei, I hope to reinforce in […]

Austrian heads have bred, Juventi took the opportunity to dig angle, Allabury left Bayern to transfer the intention

The Germans have been finished in this season, and Bayern will win the crown, and Dortmund has once again tragorned. Bayern’s strong winning, there is no dominant position in Deck. No matter from the lineup or financial resources, there is a significant advantage in two aspects of other German teams. The most important thing for […]