4 choice 1! Bayern locks Arabic successors, the smallest 17 years old, the biggest person is only 23 years old

Allaba is free to pass after the contract announcement today is expired. This can be hungry, left defender, and even defensive midfielders. Multi-faceted hands, for the Bayern’s afterlife, a non-small loss. Bayern is focusing on the line of defense this summer, in addition to introducing at least one new Zhongwei, I hope to reinforce in […]

1-0! Harvey’s first show, Barcelona ends 4 rounds + one rise in 3, Wu Lei 95 minutes missing flat

At 7:30 on October 15, Beijing time, the 12th round of the South American Division of the World Prefecture, and the Atlantic at the home of Argentina met Peru. Christian – Romero offside goals, Raotaro Martinens half a hammer sound. In the second half, the penalty is lost, and the Argentina defeated the opponent, and […]