Alegi can bombard white Borga! Darkness, he has no game attitude, lacks in the heart, too lazy

In the early morning of September 30, Beijing time, the 2nd round of the Champions League Group will continue to make a confrontation, in one of the games, from Juventi to Duessi. As a result, before the start of this game, Juventus coach Alegi participated in the press conference. He talked about the situation in […]

2 new hypoglycemic drugs, lower blood sugar, protect the kidneys and cardiovascular, how to choose, pharmacist detailed

When it comes to hypoglycemic agents, everyone thinks that it is dimethylin, insulin, etc. These traditional drugs have been typing the hypoglycemic drug market, and is the first choice for diabetic patients.But in fact, many new hypoglycemic drugs have come to birth, and have successfully squeezed into the forefront of the sales list of hypoglycemic […]