20:00 Qatar World Cup schedule released! Spectators take care of European, Chinese fans to stay up late

Beijing time on July 15 evening news, the 2018 World Cup in Russia in the past has been a full two years, Qatar World Cup is approaching footsteps. Just today announced the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar’s schedule, game time, which means that Qatar World Cup has entered the countdown Manchester United shirtstage, then simply […]

Zhongchao exits the team exposure: The club has been "the group of dragons", some players directly give up football

The Zhongchao is now in a relatively embarrassing period, there is no more than a game, but not only the fans slowly decrease the heat of the superchar, but the Football Association is also in the state of ”nothing”. The Football Association has recently placed most of the work of the center of the country, […]

40-year-old Xingfang returned to the badminton court! In the past, the world’s champion is still fighting for Lin Dan.:Indian news

On Cheap Soccer Jersey March 6, Beijing time, Dalian football was late, Bi Shangbin died of illness, and the year was 72 years old. To this end, Li Yi, who has happened with Chi Shangbin, and the whole football circle is also mourning! Li Yi wrote: ”The guidance is late, all the way.” It is […]

Messi appeared in Argentina, the strength of Uruguay Surarez, Bolton’s slight advantage:Indian news

Italy VS Switzerland Italy’s current situation:Italy has been carried out in 6 rounds, and there are 2 rounds. At present, 14 points in Italy, 14 points in Switzerland, 8 points in Bulgaria, 5 points in Northern Ireland and Lithuania 3 points, Northern Ireland and Lithuania have been eliminated, Bulgaria also Basically eliminated, the situation of […]

Intelligence station | Do you have seen this little yellow flower? It is said to be an ecological killer, once discovered that:Indian news

Beijing time on May 8th, FIFA official announced that from now until the end of the season, each team is allowed to change 5 people, but it is required to be completed 3 times. In the announcement, each team allows up to 5 replacement players, but each team has up to 3 chances in the […]

Hunan Daily | "Rushing out of Ningxiang" football dream:Indian news

Liverpool Jersey New Hunan 2021-11-12 09:28 8863 Teacher zero foundation, student zero foundation, a rural middle school football team was established for 7 years, but seven times in Ningxiang City – ”Rushing out of Ningxiang” football dream Cheap Soccer JerseyHunan Daily Full Media Reporter Li Mans Correspondent Chen Shangwen (The published in ”Hunan Daily” November […]

China VS Amando Preview: Fans will appear in the stadium, can the lower coaching group bring a team to seek?

Beijing time November 10th. Just as the global Messi fans happfully cheered, the French football editor was called, Messi received the Golden Game Award. This is a great lie, saying that it did not contact Messi to win the Golden Globe Award. This is a blessing. This also makes many Lawan fans to see La […]

"China Football Development Foundation Cup" China City Children’s Football League Changsha Fall Closes

Red Net Mime November 14th(Reporter Yu Yu Correspondent Wang Si) On November 14th, ”China Football Development Foundation Cup” China City Children’s League (hereinafter referred to as ”City Children”) Closing Ceremony and Award Ceremony in Changsha Youth Soccer Moon Island Training Base was held. Mbappé Jersey The award ceremony site. This article photography / inquiry rain […]

So far, who is unhappy in the history of football?:Indian news

The sky star in the history of football, the vast star is accompanied by the most 10? The ten kings in my mind don’t know if it can resonate. NO.10 is the most difficult to surpass his full attack – Saint-Kru Iv – I didn’t win the World Cup, but I created a new world. […]

The cliff type cooling, the campus football league is still hot:Indian news

”Source: | Campus Football ID: ZGXYZQ” 10 NOV Wednesday The temperature is thrown, snow, 2021-2022, Zhidan County Campus Football League is hot. The first child youth body is ideal national training, click on the picture to register, receive the value of 1918 yuan learning package On November 7, the winter day, the entire north ushered […]