Football Teenager | North China Electric Power Aidos: Who is going to the distance?

Juvenile China has no school His school is the earth and mountains Mother, I heard,The beache, the wind is Manchester United Jerseyblowing Stars are in the northern,Brothers, already slept Are you waiting in Altay? That is the most widely border in the northwest of the motherland. The warmth of Altai Nanchang has created his childhood, […]

3 big forward! The integrated strength, Ibi and Villa are not as good as him?

Chelsea Jersey I am suitable for the truth of Ma Yun or the road to the horse. I am suitable for the test of Qinghua or suitable for the Northern University? This is not suitable for problems, but I can’t do it. Like the Chinese football head, it is the same. Do you ask Chinese […]

Messi appeared in Argentina, the strength of Uruguay Surarez, Bolton’s slight advantage:Indian news

Italy VS Switzerland Italy’s current situation:Italy has been carried out in 6 rounds, and there are 2 rounds. At present, 14 points in Italy, 14 points in Switzerland, 8 points in Bulgaria, 5 points in Northern Ireland and Lithuania 3 points, Northern Ireland and Lithuania have been eliminated, Bulgaria also Basically eliminated, the situation of […]

When Luo Guofu is replaced, Chinese football lost now, and it can’t see the future.

A few days ago, Safi, Ribi and Zacheroni three Italian legendary sheen, met with Fuxinano. Safi is a tutor who created Italian tactical trend in the world, while Lipper and Zakcheron have played a quite a good record in China and Japan, so in the meeting, the three people didn’t talk about the days to […]

Hunan Daily | "Rushing out of Ningxiang" football dream:Indian news

Liverpool Jersey New Hunan 2021-11-12 09:28 8863 Teacher zero foundation, student zero foundation, a rural middle school football team was established for 7 years, but seven times in Ningxiang City – ”Rushing out of Ningxiang” football dream Cheap Soccer JerseyHunan Daily Full Media Reporter Li Mans Correspondent Chen Shangwen (The published in ”Hunan Daily” November […]

Zhongchao exits the team exposure: The club has been "the group of dragons", some players directly give up football

The Zhongchao is now in a relatively embarrassing period, there is no more than a game, but not only the fans slowly decrease the heat of the superchar, but the Football Association is also in the state of ”nothing”. The Football Association has recently placed most of the work of the center of the country, […]

Media: Dalian football is Chi Shangbin died of illness, Zeng Yucheng 55 battalion is unbeaten

Lionel messi Jersey @ 半岛 报 March 6 news, it is reported that this morning, Dalian football is Chi Shangbin died of illness, and the year is 72 years old. According to the Peninsula News Client, Chi Shangbin was born on September 19, 1949, is one of the best football players in China. It represents […]

So far, who is unhappy in the history of football?:Indian news

The sky star in the history of football, the vast star is accompanied by the most 10? The ten kings in my mind don’t know if it can resonate. NO.10 is the most difficult to surpass his full attack – Saint-Kru Iv – I didn’t win the World Cup, but I created a new world. […]

Football Manager 2022 evaluation – amazing enough, steadily

Evaluation Author: Kuba’s Wildout This year’s football game circle is not a matter of peace, Konami has given up the Huashan Arigth of EA in the development strategy level, but the transformation Efootball has caused bad reviews, and the Fifa2022 online mode draws card gold bursts, covering a single machine Mode a series of engine […]

Adidas × EA Sports "Legends" football shoes set physical exposure:Indian news

Foreign netizen @TeamsuperCleats showing the real spy photos of Adidas’ new Adipure and Predator Pulse to replicate football Soccer Jersey Discount shoes on social media. It can be seen from the real spy photos of exposure, which is part of Adidas and EA Sports for football game ”FIFA 22”. The exposed two re-enhanced boots are […]