"Interest TV" European Union live: Portugal VS France, president and the "throne dispute"

Beijing time on November 15th at 03:45, the 5th round of the European Dianzhan team, Portugal against the French team, C Luo and Mbpe will face the front, who can lead their respective teams? Please lock your hunted TV and watch this game. Type of Competition: European Union A Class C Group 5 5th round […]

The Chief Plenary Session of the 19th National Party is a great historical meeting in important history.

00:54 Sun Heng and Liu Yu are the 2021 high school graduates, and they have entered the University of Peking University with a high level of football players. This achievement has also created a new record of Guangdong ”Surgery Integration”. On the road of ”Learning Football”, Hua attached ”why can you?” A 30,000-word long letter […]

3 big forward! The integrated strength, Ibi and Villa are not as good as him?

Chelsea Jersey I am suitable for the truth of Ma Yun or the road to the horse. I am suitable for the test of Qinghua or suitable for the Northern University? This is not suitable for problems, but I can’t do it. Like the Chinese football head, it is the same. Do you ask Chinese […]

The Shuai Shuai is swaying, the big name is still the price, the price is not clear … The national football team will enter the no-cancellation cycle?

At 7:30 on September 13, the ”World Football” in CCTV ”The World Football” is not available as scheduled and fans. ”” The world football ”stopped!” The ball is standing. In the past 20 years, I will watch ”The World Football” at 7:30 every Monday night, has become the ”ceremony” in the fan life, and the […]

When Luo Guofu is replaced, Chinese football lost now, and it can’t see the future.

A few days ago, Safi, Ribi and Zacheroni three Italian legendary sheen, met with Fuxinano. Safi is a tutor who created Italian tactical trend in the world, while Lipper and Zakcheron have played a quite a good record in China and Japan, so in the meeting, the three people didn’t talk about the days to […]

Hunan Daily | "Rushing out of Ningxiang" football dream:Indian news

Liverpool Jersey New Hunan 2021-11-12 09:28 8863 Teacher zero foundation, student zero foundation, a rural middle school football team was established for 7 years, but seven times in Ningxiang City – ”Rushing out of Ningxiang” football dream Cheap Soccer JerseyHunan Daily Full Media Reporter Li Mans Correspondent Chen Shangwen (The published in ”Hunan Daily” November […]

"China Football Development Foundation Cup" China City Children’s Football League Changsha Fall Closes

Red Net Mime November 14th(Reporter Yu Yu Correspondent Wang Si) On November 14th, ”China Football Development Foundation Cup” China City Children’s League (hereinafter referred to as ”City Children”) Closing Ceremony and Award Ceremony in Changsha Youth Soccer Moon Island Training Base was held. Mbappé Jersey The award ceremony site. This article photography / inquiry rain […]

So far, who is unhappy in the history of football?:Indian news

The sky star in the history of football, the vast star is accompanied by the most 10? The ten kings in my mind don’t know if it can resonate. NO.10 is the most difficult to surpass his full attack – Saint-Kru Iv – I didn’t win the World Cup, but I created a new world. […]

The cliff type cooling, the campus football league is still hot:Indian news

”Source: | Campus Football ID: ZGXYZQ” 10 NOV Wednesday The temperature is thrown, snow, 2021-2022, Zhidan County Campus Football League is hot. The first child youth body is ideal national training, click on the picture to register, receive the value of 1918 yuan learning package On November 7, the winter day, the entire north ushered […]

EDG fire, is the national football?:Indian news

Football Shirts Wholesale In the early morning of November 7th, the Global Finals of the League of Legends ended in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik. In the finals, the EDG team from the China LPL Division and the defending champion, the DK team of the Korea LCK Division fill in five games, and finally defeated the […]