The Chief Plenary Session of the 19th National Party is a great historical meeting in important history.

00:54 Sun Heng and Liu Yu are the 2021 high school graduates, and they have entered the University of Peking University with a high level of football players. This achievement has also created a new record of Guangdong ”Surgery Integration”. On the road of ”Learning Football”, Hua attached ”why can you?” A 30,000-word long letter […]

Football Teenager | North China Electric Power Aidos: Who is going to the distance?

Juvenile China has no school His school is the earth and mountains Mother, I heard,The beache, the wind is Manchester United Jerseyblowing Stars are in the northern,Brothers, already slept Are you waiting in Altay? That is the most widely border in the northwest of the motherland. The warmth of Altai Nanchang has created his childhood, […]

The Shuai Shuai is swaying, the big name is still the price, the price is not clear … The national football team will enter the no-cancellation cycle?

At 7:30 on September 13, the ”World Football” in CCTV ”The World Football” is not available as scheduled and fans. ”” The world football ”stopped!” The ball is standing. In the past 20 years, I will watch ”The World Football” at 7:30 every Monday night, has become the ”ceremony” in the fan life, and the […]

confusing! At present, the most complex group in the European district preliminaries is this!

Brazil, football kingdom, a national country regarding football as life, five times to win the World Cup champion proud of the group, Liverpool Jersey and the only national team never lacking the World Cup race. Such a country is naturally a lack of football genius, and the top of ten most excellent stars will be […]

The originating player wants to collectively, Chinese football face is swollen: paying attention to the development of self-sufficiency

China National Football Wars Pei Aman, only 4 points in five in the 12th game, from the current trend Finish. On the other hand, since the Guangzhou team is getting more serious, several Brazilian naturalized players are also brewing ”rebellion” – this is a heavy blow to Chinese football. Lionel messi Jersey According to the […]

Asian Cup Football Field will be delivered next year to high-end support seamless docking Qingdao is another zone to rise.:Indian news

Original title: Asian Cup Football State will be delivered next year, the high-end support seamless docking Qingdao is another zone to rise. Source: Volkswagen Asian Cup Qingdao Youth Football Field in Construction. As a 2023 Asian Cup Competition, Asian Cup Qingdao Youth Football Plan has always been attacked by the public. It is reported that […]

China VS Amando Preview: Fans will appear in the stadium, can the lower coaching group bring a team to seek?

Beijing time November 10th. Just as the global Messi fans happfully cheered, the French football editor was called, Messi received the Golden Game Award. This is a great lie, saying that it did not contact Messi to win the Golden Globe Award. This is a blessing. This also makes many Lawan fans to see La […]

The national football team attacked, Wu Lei broke the door, the national football 1-1 regrets Oman, Luo Guofei is the biggest surprise:Indian news

On November 10, 2021, ”French Football” editor-in-chief emphasized Manchester United Jersey in the interview with ”Sports Picture”: ”The winner knows that the result will be known in advance, but should be around November 20. The arrival is a non-vividness. The Golden Globe Award is increasingly approaching, and the rumors of the Golden Game Award are […]

The cliff type cooling, the campus football league is still hot:Indian news

”Source: | Campus Football ID: ZGXYZQ” 10 NOV Wednesday The temperature is thrown, snow, 2021-2022, Zhidan County Campus Football League is hot. The first child youth body is ideal national training, click on the picture to register, receive the value of 1918 yuan learning package On November 7, the winter day, the entire north ushered […]

Adidas × EA Sports "Legends" football shoes set physical exposure:Indian news

Foreign netizen @TeamsuperCleats showing the real spy photos of Adidas’ new Adipure and Predator Pulse to replicate football Soccer Jersey Discount shoes on social media. It can be seen from the real spy photos of exposure, which is part of Adidas and EA Sports for football game ”FIFA 22”. The exposed two re-enhanced boots are […]