Take you into an immersive experience overseas Chinese middle school football field ~ walk!

In this issue, Asian Qianhui khabar odisha tv Volunteer Small Classroom Bring everyone to visit the Secretary of the Overseas Chinese Middle School to visit the secret of the green field … walk!

Overseas Chinese Middle School Football Training Venue

The 3rd Asian Youth Games Guangdong Shantou Overseas Chinese Middle School football field to day hindi news is located on the big playground on the middle and west side of the overseas Chinese, with a total area of ??13680 square meters, with a building area of ??777 square meters.

After the retrofit independent training venue, it provides a better venue guarantee for the event. www breakingnews com in hindi In the materials, the grassy skin of the football field is built according to the standards, and high-quality natural turf will ensure the environmental protection standards of the country’s sports venue. Seeing the football venue covered with grass, I can’t help but want to gallop in the court, swing times top 10 sweat … Run, hearty, cool!

A track and field runway is also updated, and the stand is set to about 1,000 seats. The location is also partitioned in different colors, and the entire site seems to be more enormous.

In addition, equipment facilities such as audio, lighting, business link newspaper monitoring are all fully equipped, and the training environment and audiovisual feelings are greatly improved.

All payments are only available for future. Let us fight with the dreams and sweat. Jin Fengwa is looking forward to galloping with you ~