Talking about the status quo of Chinese football

Since China’s football, it is not necessary to return. The ”fish sauce troops” Vietnam before the horizontal degeneration did not dare to ensure completely, and the reason is many aspects, we will discuss it together.

Personally think that the first thing to say is the basic work of players. Basic skills are the foundation that is launched in a child, including the market, unloading, passing, passing people, shooting, etc. Look at the kal ki khabar aaj tak middle of our players, long pass, pass the ball is not in place, the big feet open, the teammates chase the news 24 think first ball. There are eight feet off the goal. If you can’t talk, the rough technology is confident? Sun Xingqi’s father has been training with him, and the content of training is the practice of all basic skills. Is Dad a famous coach? Sun Xingli is more than our player’s excellent place? Solid basic skills.

Our grades are not good and change the coach. Winning, coaching skills can only account for 50%, that half of the player itself. In Zida, Murinio, Rjj Kahd is a level? Will the world’s top coaches will achieve good results? No, the basic skill of the player can’t do the intention of the coach.

Recently, there is a paragraph video in the Internet, a 21-year-old Xinjiang boy shows his football technology, everything is tell me today’s news self-study. The national image of the country may not have his technology. This causes a phenomenon that there is no market player who has a technology-based player, and those who have played in order to make interests. Many parents put heavy printed let their children play more for more money, rather than children have talent in football or football.

The high-pay player is now playing low-level football, and the score is not proportional to salary. The salary treatment should be greatly reduced, the results are hooked, so that the players who truly like football have the ability. Instead of playing football to make money.

The parallelism is just like sports teachers, just like the mathematics of sports.

The cultivation aajtak live breaking news in hindi plan from the doll is not implemented, especially after entering the club, the state will decline. what hindi news paper and site reason?

Many players like Brazil started from a child, there is no regular venue to play at the beach in the beach, and the football culture is deeply in the country. The purpose of playing is very simple, that is, play. This kind of mentality can play a good ball.

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