TBS Dispute Moderator: Red Socks Ben Taudy broke the incompatibility provisions on the baseball field

The TBS host, the former player Ran-Darling has spent a controversial American Alliance Partition Series. When it comes to the New York Yang Bayao’s second war, he uses a common language with racial discrimination. After that, he also apologized for these improper words.

Then, in the third battle Boston Sapphite, when Luis Severino, Darling said that the bad performance of Sevilino on the spot was because he was warm up later. After the game, Sevilino refuted this reason and said he was on time to start warm up. Darling does not have any reason to avoid his comments.

Red Socks first left the left outer country, Andrew-Benetine

Red Socks first left the left outer country, Andrew-Benetine

It is now reaching a new dispute point again. In the third battle of the partition series, the reddings team was washed with a large bit of 16: 1https://www.fanstore2.com
. After the four games were finished, the red socks have achieved 10-0 huge leading, and after the fifth game, the fifth bureau is not easy to break after the zero seal, the reddock team’s first left outer country, Andrew-Benetine ( Andrew Benintendi) Faced with the support of Yangji, Chad Green, selected four bad balls after the two bureaus. When the next rod J.D. Martinz (J. D. Martinez) hit the strike, Benneuti had two-bar, which caused a dispute. One of the unwritten in the baseball field is not to stolen when he is a big lead. In order to reduce the risk of injury, the second is also the last face of the opponent. Of course, you can say that this is not applicable when it is in the playoffs, because in the playoffs, it is very likely to happen. The pirate of Benerty is probably on this stipulated gray zone, no one knows that the https://www.fanartikelsportde.com five-game leading 9 points is not enough for the playoffs?

After the Benneuti pirate, Dachang said, ”I guess, this tells us that it is not something wrong (referring to a large collar, it is not stolen). This is not common. You said in the playoffs? That is still There is a little bit possible. When is it in the routine? It is absolutely not. ”However, despite the existence of such a hidden rules, Yangji’s first base is Luke – Wuke Voit or standing The pilot package is ready to hold the runner. If this is not a text, it is so binding, then Yangji can let the Foyt go back to the normal zone of the first base.

And the seventh game, when the red socks are 10: 1 lead, Benetine faces the other back to the Yangji, Jonathan Holder, invested that there is no good ball 3 bad balls, he Based on the fourth ball. Don’t be on the case https://www.mlbdrakterno.com where there is no good ball 3-bad ball, it is the hidden rules on another court. So, Darling is comments. When I found (when the Benne Taui stolen), I felt strange, but this reluctant also said. However, the second half of the seven games is no good ball in the next half of the year, you don’t have a good ball. This usually causes dissatisfaction, although not today. This may be a gray zone in the playoffs, but I personally think this is a very rude thing, really. ”

Although it is not a humanoid in the country, the Biece seems to be not how to pay attention to the small-lost life of Benertys before the fourth war. If it is in the routine, C.C. Sabasia will definitely criticize this matter, but now face the backshooting of the playoffs, Yang Biece chooses to prepare for the war. When the trip in the playoffs seems to have only one hope, who will pay attention to a single package of red socks in the defeat?

However, just like I have previously mentioned that these broadcast hosts seem to be unusing. Some, as the Darlement mentioned in text is slightly tempered. For example, former War Show Cascade Award, Famous Hall Pitcher John – Shortz