Technical hard injury!Top ten stars in the inventory NBA free throw: Shark O’Neill only ranks third!

The free throw is a good way to take the score, can cause the killing and easy, but some NBA stars, they can attack, but they are on the free throw, they have no way, they can’t enter the ball, the free throws are very low.Such a star is the star of the punishment, and this article is inventory of ten free throws of NBA stars.

Tenth: Wu Bulei

Wu Bulei talent is very
strong, very good at mobile warfare, three-point shots was also good in the sun, he played very well, took a big contract, but at the foul line, Wu Bulei not allowed to vote up.

Wu Bulei number of free throws, no less, in the normal range, and free throw percentage Wu Bulei may not be within the normal range, as a pitcher, free throw percentage should be qualified in more than 85%, but Wu Bulei name of free throws the highest hit rate of only 80-something, only 77.4% of the season, Wu Bulei free throw performance is substandard.

Ninth: Drummond

Drummond in the paint is very powerful, he can protect the frame, also grabbed rebounds, repeatedly won the rebounding, though not an inner core, but do a blue-collar is sufficient.

Drummond and opponents are not afraid of confrontation, afraid of standing on the free throw line, Drummond also can cause big killer in the paint, but the ball into the hands of Drummond, his vote of no progress, Drummond when a maximum penalty averaging 7.2 goals, but since only 35.5% free throw percentage, Drummond can only rely on free throws by 2.6 points for Drummond, two free throws on was perfect.

Eighth: Capella

Capella grew up in Houston, it becomes possible to protect the frame, can rebound, and the end of the basket is also very high efficiency, the Hawks also took a shot-blocker, but Capella free throw is very bad.

Capella score means should not have much of his free throws are not allowed, the highest hit rate is 63.6%, generally in his early 50%, when the opponent can not stop scoring Capella, would choose to foul, because Capella high probability that the penalty does not enter, if the free-throw turn out better, Capella can get more than a few cents.

Seventh: Howard

Howard nickname ”World of Warcraft”, super-talented, super capacity, is the youngest NBA in rebounding, defensive player, Howard led the peak capacity is also very strong, who led the Magic to the finals.

Howard was in the paint majestic, but at the foul line, Howard power and prestige is not up, his free throw is very unstable, sometimes able to free throws, and sometimes can get into a Howard also been practicing free throws, but the effect not good, free throw percentage has never break through 68%, the penalty is Howard’s Achilles’ heel.

Sixth: Whiteside

Whiteside’s ability to protect box used to be very strong, after the weakening of the ability to protect box, Whiteside also has a good shot-blocking ability, but is on the free throw, Whiteside has been no breakthrough.

Whiteside free throws are a bad start could not be any worse, hitting only 41.7%, with the increase in training, Whiteside free throws better than before, but it did not go well, until now, White Cedric career free throw percentage of only 61.35%, free throws are not allowed to make offensive threat Whiteside is very small, in the field of value also getting lower and lower.

Fifth: Adams

Adams tall and strong, able to protect box in the basket, rebounding to protect, but also to eat the bread, is a very good blue-collar center, also got a big contract, but is on the free throw, Adams off badly.

Although Adams was born in New Zealand, not black, but feel free throw line in Adams can be as good as a lot of black players, feel bad, very hard, mostly free throws made two free throws, but the highest free throw percentage 61.1% free throw poor, let Adams at the crucial moment is not able to pitch, he could not seize the opportunity to score.

Fourth: Langzuobaoer

Langzuobaoer is a point guard, he has a very good passing vision, strong passing ability, but his shot initially poor posture weird, now shooting posture changing for the better, but the penalty was not allowed.

When rookie season, Bauer’s free throw percentage is only 45.1%, after two seasons, Bauer’s free throw rate is still very low, until he changed his posture, free throw percentage was improved, but to this season, Bauer’s free throw hit rate is only 75%, for a point guard this free throw percentage somewhat low, the penalty is not good, so that Bauer is no way to go at the last minute winning penalty ball.

Third: O’Neill

O’Neill’s talent, the ability level of all history, no one he can live his single anti-basket, he must have anti-defense, but even layers of defenses, but also lose a lot of fouls on O’Neal.

O’Neal was fouled a lot of times every night, but O’Neal free throw bad, do not go to the free-throw opportunity, once into the penalty is not continuous, not because O’Neal free throw, so people invented the ”hack Shaq,” the initiative to foul, so O’Neal went to the free throw, in order to reduce O’Neal’s offensive efficiency. O’Neal free throw if the quasi-point, that he could not even defense.

Second: Simmons

Simmons will be a lot, he was able to turn around and attack, can pass, strong organizational skills, also did well in the fast break, the defense is also very strong, but at the foul line, Simmons performance of people hard to describe.

Simmons is a point guard, his shooting should be better, but Simmons bad shots, in the case of the free-throw line unguarded, free throw percentage is not high Simmons, a career so far, not a season free throw higher than 63%, while Simmons night to about five times the free throw, and not less, poor performance at the foul line, let Simmons at the crucial moment will be the opponent intentional foul, sending him to the free throw line , and he misses free throw, Simmons wanted to be reliable players must train their free throws.

First: Ben Wallace

Wallace body is very strong, very good defense, shot-blocking ability is particularly strong, Wallace can play in the NBA, thanks to their own defense because his offense is bad, do not attack strengths.

Wallace offensive moves much, at the foul line, Wallace’s performance is not good, keep her shooting touch, often two free throws, able to hit one free throw, Wallace is right for level of play, and Wallace played in the NBA for 16 years, not a season free throw percentage over 50% career free throw percentage was 41.4%, if Wallace’s free throws better, he’ll have a few seasons the scoring average on the double.