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On the evening of October 10, all social media and news platforms kept silent in the first NBA preseason. But in this ”Mole Treasure”, the largest loser may not be NBA, but is the Chinese Internet by NBA.

On October 5th, when many people were at the end of the eleven gold week holiday, NBA (Chinese name ”American Basketball https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com Professional Alliance”, hereinafter referred to as NBA) Team Houston Rocket General Manager Darre Mund A Tete triggered a huge dispute.

This is only a picture, and the tweet without the communication is quickly deleted, but the dispute caused by this Tete has affected it today. Since the incident, every detail has been repeatedly reported or is widely discussed in social media, which is no longer detailed.

On the evening of October 10, the first game of the NBA preseason in Shanghai was held in Shanghai, and the two sides were the Lakers and Nets. But the scene seat is not covered, there is no preaching, and many fans in front of the front, find that the guidance of the entry is removed. The relevant information of the sponsors on the background board of the pre-service press conference is also erased.

After all, https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com when the NBA fans in the quarter, the NBA fans in the quarter were canceled, and the game can be organized normally or unknown. At the same time, the resilience sponsor also begins to withdraw the platform, and the propaganda material of the street suspension is also replaced.

There is no doubt that this is the most cool NBA China in history. ”I have lost my hiring, really. Other brothers have been more than me.” A fried ticket for many years said that he even gave up to the scene. ”There is no mood, it may not be done next year.” He said.

CCTV has already announced a suspension of the NBA preseason in Shanghai, China, and investigate other NBA cooperation projects; and just successfully renewed the exclusive network copyright to the mainland, and suspend broadcasting this In two games, it also supported a refund for https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
members of the Rocket Member.

From 30 years ago, David Stern (former NBA President) uses two video tapes to open the door of the Chinese market. By 17 years ago, Yao Ming logs in NBA as ”champion”, joined the Houston Rockets; then to Today Tencent Sports In the cost of 5 years of $ 1.5 billion and NBA in advance, CCTV pays NBA’s revisions of NBA, and they join hands to bring more than 600 million viewers to NBA.

Over the past 30 years, NBA has developed China’s largest overseas market and earned a lot of money. And when the crisis appears, the worst choice of NBA is an arms of self-break, but the Chinese Internet with NBA, there is suffering.

Investment with two difficult China Internet

On July 29, 2019, Tencent Sports announced that it will continue to be a 5-year association as ”NBA China Digital Media https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com Exclusive Official Partner”, and extended until 2025.

Previously, in January 2015, Tencent won the NBA from 2015 to 2020, five seasons in China. According to the report of lazy Sports, Tencent’s renewal price is $ 1.5 billion, approximately three times the previous.

Tencent sports is difficult to expect that such a large wind wave is involved in less than three months after renewing. After the continuation, the Chairman and CEO of the Tencent Board and the CEO of the Tencent also praised the team ”another five years, the team gave the team.”

Indeed, Tencent Sports team is very powerful, they defeated Alibaba in the field of sports digital media fields. In addition, it cannot be ignored is that they face hope to get the benefits to the ultimate NBA.

Starting from March 2017, NBA continuously signed short video https://www.maillotbasket6.com cooperation agreements with Sina Weibo, Mi Mi Sports and bytes. The validity period is from 2019-2020 season, which is the first contract for Tencent Sports and NBA. .

Behind NBA is intended to have a greater interest in renewal negotiations by cultivating the opponents of Tencent Sports. It turns out that NBA is done.

After the ”Mole Trip”, Tencent Sports did not take action in the first time, and criticized by the social media. The next day, Tencent Sports issued a statement, supported by members who originally purchased Rockets team bags. After the CCTV statement suspended for an hour after broadcasting the NBA China, Tencent Sports also took the same approach.

In the end, Tencent Sports said in the announcement will refund the fans who purchase the Rockets team. Before the incident does not have a clear solution, the impact will continue, and the worst case is that NBA will be broadcast in China.

If the stop broadcast be a reality, Tencent Sports and NBA first agreement is equivalent to the fault, but not only that, Tencent Sports may also undertake the loss of membership refund, sponsor exit. In a longer period of time, if NBA cannot fix cracks with the Chinese market, it will affect Tencent Sports and NBA renewal contracts.

The anti-risk capacity of the big platform is relatively stronger, but the small platform represented by the tiger is not. Some users said in the Tiger Related Topic Discussion. ”

In January 2004, Chenghang created the Hoopchina Basketball Forum in Chicago. In 2007, he brought him back to the country and successfully got financing, gradually expanding the content to football, electricity, etc., but NBA is still the largest sector of Tiger’s current traffic.

After the incident, the Rocket Zone on the Tiger is closed. If NBA is really stopped in China, it will face a difficult period for the Tiger who is listed.

The Chinese Internet is just like the same, just after the declaration, I also entered the two difficult Cai Chongxin.

On September 18, 2019, Cai Chongxin completed the acquisition of all equity of the Net Network and Barclays Center with a price of $ 338 billion, and became the first Chinese boss of NBA wholly-owned team.

NBA obviously also knows that Cai Chongxin’s Chinese background and his achievements in Alibaba – 20 years ago, Cai Chongxin gave up his high-paying work, came to Hangzhou and Ma Yun, and served as Alibaba’s CFO, but only 500 yuan. However, after Alibaba successfully launched, his family exceeded 10 billion US dollars.

So this year’s NBA preseason, the NBA arranged his basket network to Shanghai, and the Lakers who attached to the same big hand this year, intended to use Cai Chongxin’s Chinese background and his famous gas in China, further enhance NBA’s Influence.

But he did not expect this thing to have so stunned but so violent. After the second clarification of Mole, he released ”Open Letter of all NBA fans” on a personal social media. He looked quite helpless in the open letter. ”When I just bought this basket network in September. At the time, I didn’t expect the first time to communicate with fans to talk about such a incident related to politics and serious misunderstandings.

Successful in China, has a Chinese background, and has a double bachelor degree and a doctoral degree in Economics and East Asian studies. He is aware of the fundamental cause of Chinese fans in the public. Applause and support. But he got a consistent negative evaluation in the United States, and the US fans thought he ”ignored freedom of speech.”

But with Cai Chongxin has been negatively evaluated. It is that China’s Internet is involved in the relationship with NBA.

Two warnings

The NBA preseason game participates in the team is Cai Chongxin’s basket network.

Today, NBA is in two difficulties, because of it, the United States is obviously a bigger market than China. In the worst case, NBA will temporarily lose China’s value more than $ 4 billion in markets, which is about one-sixth of its market value in the US.

But as of now, NBA official sponsor, including Mi Mi video, Ctrip, a car, small win technology, etc., has announced a pause or termination and NBA cooperation. Including Vivo, Rui Far Coffee, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, you and my loan, heroic entertainment is equal to the NBA China Competition, and has also released a statement to stop cooperation.

As a platform that is deeper, the longest time in NBA, Tencent Sports will bear the negative impact of this incident in the future.

With the prosperity of NBA in China, the olfactful Internet companies have also benefited; but they naturally bear the pain. The current public opinion environment is a new challenge for them.

However, this event also gave all the platforms including Tencent Sports, and later and the Americans were dealing with Americans. To reduce risks, it is necessary to write into the contract.

Those who still insist on the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Center to watch the first preseason, not only on the scene, in the microblogging, friends and other major social media, there are also tacit choices. Of course, it is also possible that there are very few cheers and applause of the scene and have not aroused their interest.

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