Text / Sam Miller compiled – AkadimerThe cowshed of the Milwaukee Sprnownel in the National Union Partition Series – the focus of the two sides in the competition in the upcoming national contest. Their first firing 3 games contributed 29 outmarkets; the remaining 55 out of the bureaus were borne by 6 cowshed, including Brandon Woodruff. Rocky’s first game in the partitioned series used cow shed day tactics, Woodraf is the first firing of the day.In the 6 cow shed, only one person (Terminator Jeffress) allows the opponent to score, the total self-blanking rate of the partition series of cowshouses is only 0.98, and 12.3 per 9 bureau The Senuct Outlet, WHIP is only 0.65 – this grade and Eric Gagne 2003 Take the Cy Young award. The results of the results of the Rocky team in the partitioned series are also the upper number in history; the two-way scores are different from the disparity of different differences, and it can highlight the power of brewers’ cowshed. If they can keep such a level, it is difficult to imagine that other teams can get score from their hands.However, like the cattle sheds of most teams, this season’s story about brewers is more twisted than their performance in this week. In a season, build a high-quality cowshed framework for the team, such tasks and other parts of the team – even more than any other part of the team – the twists of the team experienced much more. A good cow shed pitcher may become a passerby in an instant, some of the slim pitcher may become unmanned, and constantly replace the pitcher under high pressure conditions, and finally when the most critical game The wonderful play will greatly inspire their self-confidence.In addition to Josh Hader, it is just from the ”quite good backpoint” evolution ”, it is said that this year’s alliance is the best backhand pitcher”, in accordance with the standards of the post, this development The path is not a big news – the restful backpoint of the rest in the series, it is likely that the door to participate in this series can not be touched. Very likely that Rocky is facing another cowshed in the playoffs. That is, a worse one (they are unlikely to achieve the level in this series)Below is a related performance picture of 6 after the National Bank Partition Series:Each point represents the pressure index that the pitcher is averaged 10 games this season. In the case of high pressure (this value is higher than 1.0, it means that the pressure is higher than the general level; the value is higher than 2.0 means that the terminator should debut to the fire.) Can reflect the trust in the hearts of the post-aid pitcher. Because Had is a team trust in the team, the fluctuation of his point line is not big. And other pitcher’s curve changes worthy of investigation.However, we can see that there are some gray people on the right side of the icon. They are also worthy of our performance. They all served as a brewer’s cowshed, but they did not enter the partitioned series. . Despite this, they also have corresponding this season pressure graph. Let us compare them with the curve of the existing cowshed pitcher, and maybe you can see some clues.1. Matt Albers to Corey KnebelYou may forget last year, Alberes is the first five contributors ranked in the alliance! Ok, this statement is a bit exaggerated, but last year, his self-blame is very low in the post-aid pitcher. In the playoffs, he also ate 2 games for Washington. He is already bigger, nor can it be three vibrants, but in the past six years (2012 to 2017), the opponent can’t play the score from his hands, this six years his self-blanking rate is only 2.89, this achievement is better for four years of Milwaukee in Milwaukee. Therefore, the last break of the winemaker and he signed a contract for 2 years. At the opening of the season, Albus debuted in the eighth game in a leading situation in 1-0. At that time, Knebell was the terminator, Alberes is the layout pitcher in front of him.The 8th game of Alberes was not lost, but Knenell was turned over in the ninth game. A few days later, Knebell did a 2-time delivery, and injured in the leg crisp. He stayed on the injury list for a month, and his performance was not ideal after 4 months after returning. As of August, the blanks of the Bell Season exceeded 5. His manufacturing spent rate declined from 14% in 2017 to 11% in 2018; his hit hit rate has almost doubled. He not only lost the work of the terminator, from August 12 to September 12, he could only play in the uncomfortable game.But in these uncomfortable competitions, Knell Bell retrieved. In September, he voted 16 games and did not lose; he averaged 2 hit people per game, and the San Zhen Bao was reached 11. The player faced his achievements only 0.096 / 0.175 / 0.135, and the spell rate was as high as 17%.It is almost impossible for last week to think that the Sunbelle score in Knebell. But it is not difficult to imagine that Knebel did not find it in early September, could only find it at some time in winter or next year. It is also difficult to imagine Albeles, not Knebell, under his confidence in his manager, put a series of not scored games together and enter the playoffs. Instead, Albus – In mid-June, the list of people with 1.93 – hit the list of disabled people with the right shoulder, when he came back, his ERA climbed and climbed. More than 10 games, only 6 games, intervals more than 3 months, AlBers’ ERA is 31.26, and ERA is 1.93, reaching 7.34. However, the Rose Mountain team did not face Albus. They have to face Knebell.2. Jacob – Barnes against Jerry Mi – JeffreisIn 2016, it is a big news, which is a big news when it is a big news when it is a big news. Roy is also a first arrested,https://www.mlbboutique2.com and this deal exchanged a few farm new show. When I arrived in 2017, when Jiefris went back to wine, it was much smaller than 16 years. Since Jeffreis’s performance is bad in the Dezhou Cavalry – he has lost the terminator’s position, the winemaker only has a final support for a normal 2A to change him from the visit. After returning to the winemaker, Jeffreis’ s ball performance has improved, but his boosting problem still seriously plays his play. When he entered the 2018 season, he and the winemakers were the same as Barnes, and the position of the big union cowshed.In the unveiled battle, Barnes and Jeffreis appeared in the extended competition. Jeffers got the victory, Barnes got a successful rescue. The first month of this season is similar to the status of the cowshed, often used alternately by the head coach, the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com following is the opponent’s fight against them and other data:Barnes: 0.196 / 0.297 / 0.214, self-blaming rate 1.13, average pressure index 1.55Jeffris: 0.170 / 0.220 / 0.255, self-blaming rate 0.64, average pressure index 1.65However, after May 1st, they trend this season. 8 bureaus, half a brewed, holding 2 points, leading the leading advantage, Barnes was played with a home run and two birds, and was replaced by Jeffris. Jeffreis debuted, holding the pressure of 8, successfully hesitated blood, and gave the opponent three on three. Since then, he has begun to continue to brush the rescue, and it is also selected for the National Union Full star lineup. Jeffris is already the official terminal of the winemaker at the end of the season.At the same time, in mid-May, because the winemaker is going to play in https://www.b2bshopp.com the 9th day, including the four consecutive battles at home, the team needs fresh cow shed pitcher to enrich lineup. Since the team also has the right to decentralize Baths, the team can put him directly to the team’s 3A small alliance. Since then, Barnes began to shuttle between the 3A and the big alliance. He was put by the team from the team in July and August, even if he returned to the big league him, he still hosted the late stage of the cowshed. Similar to the marginal people in the large Union array.If Jerffris is impeded by the opponent on May 1, it is Barnes who has been bleeding for the team. Many things will become different. However, there is no hypothesis that Barnes did not enter the big list of winemaker playoffs, while Rocky’s player faced the performance of the winemaker and the vote of the national https://www.fanbutikk.com association.3. Oliver Drake to Brandon – WoodrfThe season is beginning to be, Woodrf is recognized as a very good first pitcher rookie. When the season, the winemaker needs a first-behaved pitcher, so Wood Ruf has received four first-ranking opportunities in the Great Pilocrat, but his first score is not good: he has a total of 13 players, but keep it. 9 people, the loss of self-blame is as high as 6.32.When the winemaker needs a post-aid pitcher, Woodrf can also make up vacancies. He is unusually exceptional when he is doing a post-aid pitcher. He has a total of 34 players, only 5 people, and only 2.03 of the blanking rate is only 2.03.In contrast, the time of Drake in the 2018 season is not long. In early May, his contract was sold by the winemaker to the Cleveland Indians. . Then in late May, the angel slammed https://www.trikotskaufenn.com his contract from the list of impaired, followed by late July, he went to the blue bird, and finally in early August, Double City took him. This Drake has created a large number of records, and the single season is 5 teams. Of course, this can be considered cold knowledge in the big league, in addition to this, you should also know that he is active at various teams:Milwaukee brewant: self-blame loss rate 6.39Cleveland Indians: Self-blame Rate 12.46 ERALos Angeles Angel: Self-blame 5.19 ERAWith Toronto Bluebird: Self-blame 16.20 ERAAnd, Minnesota Shuangcheng: I vote for 20 and 3 points 1 bureau self-defeating rate 2.21Winemaker gives Drake opportunities. Not only wine, other teams have also given Drake opportunities. However, in addition to the fifth accident, he failed and failed completely. Until https://www.maillotspascherfr.com he got the fifth chance, he truly discovered himself: he actually performed very well! In the last match of this season, he is already a layout pitcher in the double city. If he has a good performance in April, there is such a good performance – the amount, honestly, I don’t know what will happen.In a whole, you should maintain the cowshed operation like a 15th level of the Russian square, you have to rotate adjustments, and find the graphic that falls like a rain point as appropriate. If someone wants to blame the winemaker, don’t dig the money as soon as possible, it is like asked as a magnitude 8 player, you are asking if you want to put ”L” in this place, ”L” rather ”T ”.4. Dan Jennings to Corbin BurnesOn the stage, the winemaker signed Jennings. Although he is not high, it can effectively solve the player, https://www.mlbtrojerse.com it can be called the left-hand version of Matt – Albeas. Since 2012, he mounts the big alliance in 2012, Jennings’s self-blame is lower than the following well-known future help, Raisel Iglesias, Cody Allen (Cody Allen) ), AJ-Ramos, Alex Colome, Fernando Rodney, and many other terminations.Burns is a very good first, and he is the same as Woodliv, which will ultimately develop a good starter. But in mid-June – actually, it is hurting in Albus – the winemaker transferred him into the cowshed.”They told me that winemakers transfer me into the cowshed, so the team can impact into the World Competition,” Burns said in an interview with the Milwaukee sent. After a few weeks, he was assessed to the large parliament, and his speed of speed reached 96 miles / hour. The ratio of the player hitting his pitching in the 29th https://www.maillotsenligne.com in the big alliance, ranking second in the winemaker array.Jenningness’s performance is completely in line with the expectations of the winemaker: he appeared 72 times, although there was not a three vibration, but his self-blanking rate was only 3.22. Jennings’ ability is enough to play in a crucial moment in an excellent team.But the team has two goals during the establishment of cowshed. The first is not to let all cowshed pitcher collapsed. The second is to curb the performance of the player as much as possible, as in the playoffs, the Whip of the Colorado Sluro, the whole series of WHIP is only 0.65. These two goals sometimes remain consistent, but they sometimes change in conflict, or will change in each season. You have spent a snap-in phase to find Jennings to serve as a steak. You spent the whole summer to find Berns, he completely blocks the line of Rocky in https://www.mlbdrakterno.com the playoffs, so that the winemaker has the opportunity to attack the World Series Competition. If there is no player like Berns in the team, Jennings can enter the list of seasons. The reality is although he is not bad, he is excluded from the team’s gameplay lineup.5. Taylor Williams and Qiao Jin – Soria (Joakim Soria)Taylor Williams returned to the team after doing Tommy – John surgery, as a rookie this is his second season. He spent a lot of time to get the team’s trust in him. Williams’ speed balls can reach 96 miles / when they have the top level of the league. However, for his health, the winemaker controlled his pitching bureau before 3 months. After the all-star weekend, Williams showed his true suppression strength, and after 2 months, he had a self-blaming, and the winemaker began to let him be in a lot of critical games.His first play was in the 10th game, he fell 1 point; he debuted in the 7th place in the 7th game. He lost 2 points; after a break, he fell in the Union. 5 points (3 points to lose weight). That week, the winemaker exchanged in Soria.After this year, the current result is that the winemaker has formed a strong cowshed of 6 people, including Josh Had. The other 5 major members, they are unfamiliar with you at other times this season. The whole regular season, at least 12 other rearid pitcher came to the winemaker cowshed. If the wings of the butterfly are slightly different, maybe at least 5, and even the trend of 12 cow shed pitches will have a great change.Therefore, you have to admire the work of the winemaker’s management and coach group. At the same time, you have to admit the excellent performance of the winemaker. At the same time, you have to give the Rocky news with some degree of sympathy. Originally, the opponents they face may not be so powerful.Data related to cow shed pressure, this article refers to the relevant information provided by Baseball Prospectus and Brooks Baseball.