The 54th Super Bowl is touched to the Miami game scene, the star shines

Beijing time on February 3, NFL held the fifty-fourth super bowl in Miami. The two protagonists of the ”Double Red Club” San Francisco 49 people vs Kansas City chief game, the scene is many, DJ? KhaledAlso come to the scene with the audience interact

Middle Field Xiu Jennifer – Lopez’s fianger A-Rod Alex Rodrigs also came to the scene, this fiance is not small, once the New York Yangji’s three bases, or MLB is the most hotStar

49 people said that Jie Jie, Rais, said with the players, he also went to the quarter from time to four points to stroke the ball.

Scene fans raised the ”emirate kingdom” refueling slogan

49 people four points Galopolo warm up on the field

Easy Gaobolo enters the game to sign the fans

The focus of this game – the chief quarter of the Sky Holmes is doing a pass exercise

”Pony” Mahmus changed to usually smile, and the look is seriously ready to come.