The alliance began to investigate ElioTe push the security incident or will be punished by the ban.

Although Dallas denim star runs Vejac-Elliott does not have any allegations of the police and victims due to the cause of the victims in the Las Vegas Music Festival, but this may not allow him to completely get rid of the NFL alliance Sanctions against him. According to two sources of the Alliance, the Alliance exploded to Yahoo Sports reporters Charles Robinson, the alliance may further investigate the incident of Elliott and the concert security personnel to determine whether he violates the NFL President Roger – Quadlou presented the regulations.

The cause of the incident is a music festival held in Las Vegas this month. Elliott and girlfriend had a mouth corner in the parking lot, and then alarms the on-site security personnel; The security personnel pushed into the security door and pushed it down, and the scene was in order to prevent further expansion of the situation, and the Eliot took the hand and took the scene. Afterwards, Elio did not be arrested or received any prosecution. He left Las Vegas that night, and the next day appeared in the training ground of the Cowboy. However, the video involved is obtained by TMZ Sports, which spreads.

Although the denim boss Jerry Jones told reporters that ”I don’t think this will have any impact on our team”, but the reality may not be so smoothly. According to a source of the NFL implementation department, according to the Alliance’s personal code of conduct, Goodel ”Obviously” should be reviewed to Las Vegas, especially before the Elliott is allegedly abused before the girlfriend. Forbidden 6 ”predecessors”. In fact, this suspected abuse girlfriend has not allowed Eliot to suffer any allegations, but the NFL Alliance still made a punishment decision after investigation. At that time, the punishment made the denim management are extremely dissatisfied, and now their anger may spread further. Because of the event of Las Vegas, Elliot will suffer a higher level review because his ”predicament” has led to this incident, may be enlarged by the League.

At that time, Elliot stopped after the 6-game penalties for the ban, the alliance had issued a similar decision about him may suffer further punishment. However, this decision did not indicate what behavior can trigger a threshold for further punishment, so the decision seems to be in the hands of GuDel, and he will decide whether to add penalties to it according to the violation of Elio. The view of another source of the Alliance reveals the basis for Gudel. This source said that in March 2017, Elliot was pulling down a young woman’s shirt when I watched the St. Patrick’s parade in Dallas; the behavior violated the alliance’s personal code of conduct, Because he ”the actual or possible body violation of another person”, as long as there is reliable evidence to prove the incident, even if the player is not accused of criminal, the alliance will still punish it.

Now Gu Del wants to judge whether Eliot is the behavior of the security of the security guards ”the actual or possible body infringement of others, if the alliance thinks this is dangerous, then Elliot is still possible Faced with a ban! Although this will make the denim management are unhappy.