The benefits of playing football often!

Benefits of playing football

Football is mainly a common movement. It is mainly available in the daily exercise, very old exercise, the origin is more time, mainly in China, let us exercise football A, I have to conduct a good kick method, I can practice the role of a good capital, the foot method is from the very good effect on the human body, you can exercise the human body cnn breaking news today and you can strengthen the bones, so we can do some in daily life. Soccer exercise.

Soccer exercise still has a lot of benefits, in addition to the benefits of respiratory systems and other leg movements, playing football can also strengthen the health of the body and the recovery of physical function, so it is often necessary to exercise for this kind of exercise.

One: More effectively improve the function of the respiratory system. Football is running with the legs to move. In the process of running, pass, shooting, etc.. The depth of breathing will be strengthened, thereby sucking more oxygen, discharging more carbon dioxide, thereby increasing lung capacity, lung function is strengthened. This is due to the main respiratory muscles (both muscles, ribs, ribs, ribs, upper and lower saw muscles, etc.) and respiratory auxiliary muscle groups (oblique muscle, chest lock, chest in goa 24×7 live muscle, chest large muscle Wait, strengthen shrinkage, and promote these muscle itself, the thoracic expansion, the thoracic volume increases, the alveolar development is good, the strength of the breathing is enhanced, the amount of pulmonary capacity, the amount of pulmonary vent and suction (photograph) oxygen increases. Studies have pointed out that people who often exercise are strong due to strong body adaptation, their breathing is smooth, deep, uniform, and the frequency is also slow, and the respiratory frequency online tv 9 news is 7-11 times / min when quiet, not exercise people’s breathing frequency is 12-18 times / min, women are more than 2-3 times per minute than men.

2. Strengthen the bones of the leg: Football is the best exercise of training legs. During the continuous exercise of the exercise, since the metabolism is promoted, the blood supply of the bone has improved, and the morphological structure and function of the bone have a good change: the bone is thick, so that the bone is thick, the bones are The arrangement is more neatly neatly and regular depending on the pressure and tension, and the projections of the muscle adhesion of the bone surface are more obvious. These changes make the bones more stronger and strong, thereby increasing the function of bone, anti-bending, anti-compression and anti-twisting. Adhere to physical exercise can also enhance the strength of the joints, joint capsules and ligaments are also thickening, thereby increasing the stability of joints; at the same time, physical exercise has increased the muscle stretching of joint capsules, ligaments and joints, thereby improving the flexibility of joints sex.

Football in daily life is mainly a reinforcement of the respiratory system. The depth adsorption of breathing has increased, and the enhancement of the lung function can strengthen the muscles of the leg and a good effect. Many people kick Football, still having a very good efficacy is mainly the benefits of improving joints on football on football and produce some other benefits such as delaying aging.