The black panther and Nigerian lines Suited for about a year, he once in London is a gang boss.

The US time, the official announced that the Black Panther announced that it is about one year with foreign line.

Obada received an interview: ”I am very grateful. They gave me a chance to contribute to the team, but also let me support myself and my family. For me, the most important thing is to maintain stability, believe in yourself The training results. I will try to make up for my weakness – the understanding of the game. ”

Obada is born in Nigeria, most of which lives in London. In August 2018, he became the first player in the NFL International Road, creating a new history.

Ou Bada came to the United States in 2015, before he fought five games for the London Warships of the British American Rugby League. He first was signed by the denim to the training lineup, followed by Dancing in March 2016. After that, he once turned into the chief, the falcon, and finally came to the Black Leopard in May 2017.

In the third week of 2018, Obada welcomed the first show of the regular season. The black Leopard 31-21 defeated the game of the tiger, and Obada got once killed, once a copy, won the best defensive player award from the National United States.

This season, Obada has played 10 games, completed 8 hugs, 2 times, 6 times four-point guard.