The black panther officially cut off the champion, four points, Bouton, if the superman will fly in the air to rest

March 25 (Wen / ESPN David Newton Compilation / White) Beijing time on March 24th, Carolina Black Leopard announced that it was cut off four points to Kam-Newton. According to sources, Newton’s feet are still in recovery. He has just conducted a medical examination on the 23rd, and the medical examination was carried out by the black panther and its agent. Signiers also revealed that Newton passed the physical examination, the physical condition is very good, shoulders and feet have no problem, ”he is more energetic than ever, I hope to get the next opportunity.”

”Caman is very important to Carolina.” Marti Herni in Carolina said in a statement: ”Everyone sees that he is presenting, I am fortunate to see that he is present. Multi-effort, as well as he maintains a good care in no one. The conversation is very strong, but he is a great competitor. His multi-rate team wins, and it is always considered a team history One of the greatest players. Thank you for his contribution to the team, community and fans. ”” Freedom and hungry. ”Newton wrote in the personal social media.

As a black panther in 2011, Newton’s effectiveness in Carolina is more than 9 years. The 2015 season also won the regular season MVP and led the team to enter the super bowl. At that time, the Black Leopard 10-24 did not lose the Danda Musa. But after this, the Black Panther only scored a game. He is a player who has passed the ball in the History of the Black Leopard, and 14 games were missing in the last season.

Newton has achieved 71 wins and 59 losses, 1 flat record, from 29041 yards, 59.6% hits, and 38 cases. He is the four-point guard in the NFL history, the rush is 5.1 yard, advanced 4806 yards and 58 shocks. In 2015, Newton became the first single season of NFL to get at least 35 passes to Deta and 10 shocks.

As a week ago, the Black Leopard announced that they have been open to Newton’s transactions. However, Newton has an objection to this. He is grateful in the tweet, and writes that the panther forced him to do this. After a few hours of this pusher released, the black panther was about to sign the new Orleans Saint Subject to the four-point satellite news, and sent a three-year $ 63 million in fat.

After completing the Bridgewater transaction, the Black Panther means that Carolina has completely gone of Newton’s position, the team must cut off the Newton to release the salary space. Cutting Newton saves a $ 19.1 million wage capsule for the Black Leopard, leaving only $ 2 million to die. As yesterday, the Black Panther also traded 4 points Wei Kyle Allen to Washington red skin, and signed four-point guard P.j. Walker from XFL. Walker is also a black quadruple, body and style and Bridgewater is very similar. Bridgewater’s trading is small, especially in the first two years, he will occupy a $ 14 million wage in the 2020 season, 2021 $ 26 million, 2022 is $ 26 million.

Newton was cut off, the black leopard ran to Kristian – McCrere said to him in the social media: ”Thank you No. 1, you changed my way, bringing me happiness. I will always thank you. On behalf of Carolina, I thank you for giving us the smiles and good memories. ”

30-year-old Newton is now hurt, so the black leopard can’t find any trading object, so I was forced to cut it. New crown epidemic also has an influence on Newton, because he is difficult to conduct scientific and long-term training in the present situation, the team cannot know him through physical examination.

Newton once torn in the social media and the old Dongjia family, said ”Don’t play the text game, I have never asked to actively trading, there is nothing to see people. I love the Black Leopard, love this city, but please don’t play me, don’t If you change what I said, this is not all you forced? ”

Over the past few weeks, Newton has been publishing their own rehabilitation videos in social media, saying that they have been ”unemployed” on Monday. Now Newton is really unemployed, and his future looks from replacing.