The body: Sad is expected to be official Xuan Xiwei tomorrow, he will bring six assistants to join Barcelona.

Live Bar November 1st News Today, the foreigners Xie Hui updated their indian news network own social platform, and the system introduced their own career in Germany.

During the period from 1999 to 2002, Xie Hui once played a two teams in Germany. Today, he issued a text in Weibo today:

I am in Germany (1)

Xie Hui

The image of memory will disappear once it is fixed by text. I often remember that time, but I rarely speaking with my words, maybe I would like to tell it. Maybe when you tell, I am aaj ki taaza khabar television show dropping it down …

On December 31, 1999, the cold winter, airport, people in the sea. For a few minutes, I was still in a joke about ”millennium insect”, but I farewell to turning around, my heart suddenly changed quiet, empty. To board the plane, fly to Frankfurt’s flight last convened.

At a cluster of a small fire, it lit by the bears in the moment of leaving the ground.

More than 10 hours on the plane, I am a little uneasy, my anctation and excitement, in fact, I can’t tell what I feel. The contract of the Aachen Football Club is draped in my hand. Between ecstasy, reason, and calm, I sway, and try to calm my emotions. Now I want to think about it, the kid is familiar with strange, but I have been twenty-four years old, but I am so true.

”I finally did it. This is my childhood dream! Can I enter a lot of balls? Does economictimes indiatimes com the German fan like me? Can the teammates trust me? I have the opportunity to kick the Arabic?” I can’t affectionate it. ” Mood, the year, I am able to drive my desire and pray, can take risks in the future life, I forget what I forget.

Folk – Schracona, my broker picks up at the airport, gave me almost the longest hug in this life.

”I will know you!” He said in Beijing two years ago, he said this. After that, he has never given up, including the failure of Frankfurt a year ago, because all kinds of reasons were not possible. It can be said that I lost a chance to play a direct playing. ”No problem, I believe you will be fine in the future!” His optimism is that I like it very much, in fact, encouraging the football too important. Or too important for me.

”My name is Frank – Schmidt, the captain. I hope you have a pleasant in Aachen.” He is more than me, I have a high-nose of the Germany, and I hold my hand with his big hand, it seems to tell me, ”I am the main thing here, you have to know the rules.”

The first training class began, and the cold and warm reception in the dressing room were relatively serious. I was divided into a team, which is normal, only the feet can be speaking here. If you want to play the main force, you have to be better than others! Coincidentally, it is the captain Frank. I am very clear in my heart. This is Test, I have to take care of each ball.

He seems to be more than I carefully carefully, I will protect the ball for the ball. When he is close to the knee, you will be topped on my tail bone! I felt a pain, fell on the grass. The coach actually did not have a whistle to make a foul. I didn’t help to see the master coach, and he had no expression.

Frank turned, he lowered: ”This is not a table tennis”, my brain is ringing, just like being smashed. I suddenly played from the ground and rushed into the game again.

Substitute, in fact, everyone’s position technology is very good, a black player at the sidewalk is very fast, he breaks through the bottom line, the ball draws a beautiful arc, this is my favorite goal. Frank has a small 2 meter height. He is obviously confident in high space ball, and it does not take care of my existence. I use it all my best to jump … ”” a loud headband broke the goal! Frank is surprised to watch me, the whole venue is quiet. ”Good”, head coach said. This is the only word that training he said that day.

Folk sent me back to the hotel after the press conference. He also went to the scene of the training, ”It’s too strong! Your head is too beautiful! Do you know how news in hindi language important this is to you? They will respect you? You! In fact, there is no difference between the football field and the animal world, male hormone is your ID card. You need to prove to your companion know your existence. Only in this way can you get help ”his words are simple but the meaning is far-reaching. I nodded, I seem to understand some truth, this is a pure real experience.

Go back to the hotel, I recall that the moment I just started. Mr. Frank, he is an attacked and powerful person. I like this person and such nature, I even think that the small actions with provocative mean are sincere and valuable.

Going to the football field every day, just like going to the battlefield, it seems that you want to be with the today your fate. This is like a strong person in life.

People who often challenge their own will be frustrated, feel pain, and people who are in life will feel comfortable. But this comfort will consider the will of the people, let yourself serve in life.

Compared to comfort, I love pain, painful beauty and sacred make it closer to the sky, whenever training, I look up, as if I can see a smile. This may be my secret.

Every day, it is not a mediocre life every day.

This is the first lesson of my German football.

(Nanling crying)

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