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Speaking of the exercise suitable for children, what is your first reaction?Basketball, swimming, badminton, skipping rope …

As for football, some parents, especially many mothers, may be hesitant: ”Hey, will play football will not grow long?”

After all, I said that the football player, we are easy to think of the body is usually the following:

From left to right, it is: the Messe Spanish team of the Messe Spain team of the ball Wang Maradona

One of the common features of these famous football players in the world is that heights are not high. Maradona is 1.65 meters high, and the Messi is 1.69 meters high, Harvey also has only 1.69 meters high.

And another ball sports – basketball, we generally think of the following:

”Small Giant” Yao Ming didn’t have to say, height 2.26 meters, Yi Jianlian also has 2.13 meters, and Lin Shu is 1.91 meters high. Their heights are far more than ordinary people.

So, is these athletes’ strong comparison, is it just proven to prove ”playing basketball can grow high, play football is not too high”? of course not. Today, we will come to the football name.

Why don’t you say that football is not too long?

First of all, the football itself is a high level of heights.

Professional football players are high. Among the famous world famous football players, there are less than 1.7 meters high of Messi, and there is also a high son of C Ro.

The height itself is not the reason these people become a good football player.

Of course, the famous football players like C Ro Ro Ro are not most. This is because football players are required to be speed and leg feet agile, and the leg shorter is also good at football control, so the football player is generally low than playing basketball, not playing football, resulting in short legs.

For this reason, the athletes we see on the court are usually high, and the height is uneven.

Second, in sportswell sports such as basketball volleyball, height is an important advantage. This causes these sports projects to more tend to be high in early selection. In the amateur basketball, the short child will be less involved because height is poor. In this way, it will cause the illusion of ”playing basketball more easily”.

These Chinese men’s basketball teams in the picture below are more than 2 meters.

In fact, there are many playing holes in the basketball, enhance new metabolism in the body, which is conducive to the development of bones, which will have a certain help for the growing heroes. But simple play basketball has a high increase in height.

In addition, vitamin D is the trace element necessary for the human body, usually promotes the absorption of calcium, which is very beneficial for the news english news child’s growth. For most people, only 10 minutes of sunshine can generate a large amount of vitamin D.

Playing football is an outdoor movement, the child can supplement vitamin D in the process of playing football, why not do it.

research shows:

Football can promote bone age development

In a primary school students in primary school students in Beijing Sports University, different projects in physical education (including Tai Chi, tennis, track and field, football, squatting) on ??the bone age development of 6 to 7 years old.

In 2015, 2016, in mid-October 2017, the researcher was regularly a total of 690 first-year students (6-7 years old), and the bone age. test.

The study found that after 3 years, 5 project teaching group students, football group, track and field group men and women have higher than the other three project groups, indicating that football and track and field google company news can promote the bone age than other three projects. Development, especially football teaching. Football, track and field movement affects the bone age than tennis, 毽球, Tai Chi, and the effect of football on the bone age is earlier.

Therefore, ”playing football is not high” is really a misunderstanding. Playing football doesn’t let the child don’t make the child too high, and it will promote the development of children, which is beneficial to supplement vitamin D to help calcium absorption.

Diverse movement is more conducive to high

The researchers believe that the dynamic sports projects such as track and field, swimming, balls, etc. are particularly advantageous. Some static sports projects such as weightlifting, lifting dumbbells, competitive gymnastics, if exercise is appropriate, can also promote bone growth and high growth.

It can be seen that it will not cause the child aaj tak news today in english to make a long long, even traditionally think that the child’s weightlifting, lifting dumbbells, etc., it is also conducive to growing.

In addition, everyone knows that children want to grow high, must be nutritious in diet, egg milk vegetables must be eaten. In fact, the child wants to be high, and it is also diversified in sports. It is necessary to carry out multiple sports while ensuring a certain period of time every day.

Because children, adolescent skeletal systems are relatively weak, long-term limitations of motion projects, neglect symmetry motion, and can make bone development imbalance.

Therefore, children need full exercise, do more stretching limbs, bouncing exercise, properly carry out some powerful exercises, can promote the metabolism of the whole body in all kinds of hustle bones, so that the whole body is well grown well, thus growing a strong Big man.

If the family has children who love the football, they dd national news live don’t have to worry about the height, and of course don’t forget to make other sports, such as exercise basketball or badminton, or systemic swimming.

Mode of exercise is also very important

Of course, children should pay attention to exercise during exercise.

Improper exercise or excessive exercise is too large, not only does not promote the secretion of growth hormone, but also reduces the amount of endocrine hormone such as the growth hormone of the human body, thereby negatively affecting growth and development.

So how much is the strength and time of the child’s exercise every day? Experts from Beijing Union Hospital believe that the child’s second day is mainly, if it feels too fatigue, it feels too fatigue, and every child is different, and cannot be generalized.

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