The China Organizing Committee Qingdao Sai District Coordination Office held a work meeting of the 20023 Asian Cup Qingdao Sai District

On November 1st, in order to supervise the work of maneka gandhi contact the coordination area, 2023 Asian Cup China Organizing Committee Qingdao Sai District Coordination Office held a work meeting of Qingdao Sai District, China Organizing Committee Qingdao Sai District Coordination Office, Zhang Songlin, deputy secretary-general of the municipal government Winter Quan, Party Secretary, Secretary, President of the Municipal Sports Association, attended the meeting, member of the party group, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Party Committee, the relevant person in charge of the City Football Management Center reported the construction of the Asian Cup Qingdao Sai District, the progress of the operation management, media propaganda, cultural activities, organizational security and other work, pupils samachar epaper and the 2022 funding budget and Key work plan.

Zhang Songlin pointed out that Qingdao Youth Football Field Construction should be a benchmark with the wisdom venue, strictly control the quality of the project, based on the Asian Cup Outlook the World Cup, with the previous way to do a good job; after the operation management, the operation management should give full play to Qingdao Sports Resources Advantages, combined with competition training, e-sports and other industries, create a comprehensive business center that is mainly based on football, covering a number of sports.

In the case of the work of the group’s organizing committee, Zhang Songlin emphasizes that it is necessary to continue to promote centralized office, strengthen the superior supervision, implement the activities of the land, fully excavate the good about news live today atmosphere of Qingdao football culture, and create a good atmosphere of the whole people, and give play to urban politics in sports events. The unique influence of economic and social development.

Yu Dong Quan pointed out that the current epidemic situation is not optimistic, and the uncertainty factors still exist. It is necessary to do a good job in the emergency plan of the event, comprehensively planning the epidemic prevention and control of events, athletes management, fans security and other work.

Shihua demand, to strengthen communication exchange within the competition, make full use of the Asian Cup to prepare for the information channel, break the information barrier, deliver the current situation, and form a positive working culture atmosphere.