The Chinese men’s basketball team five new show, just make up a set of lineups, will support the future of Chinese basketball.

The CBA League in the 2021-2022 season, the first phase has ended, and many new people who have made people are in front of them, which are universally recognized a new year, there are two people, Zhejiang men’s baskets, Yu Jiahao and North Control of Liao Sanning. Coupled with the second grade player, Zhang Tanglin and Guo Wei, who continued to maintain the highlight performance, and Zengfuo, who went far to the US Development Alliance, just a complete lineup.

Strong Yu Jiahao, Daxie Feng Zhang Zhenlin, Xiaogong, Zeng Fan, Safeguard Guo Weiwen, organizational defender, Liao Sanning, this lineup Zhongzhuang is born in 1999, Guo Weiwen was born in 2000, Liao Sanning was born in 2001, Zeng Fanbo and Yu Jiahao were born in 2003.

Yu Jiahao is 223cm, the most rare is to have strong and flexibility, as well as extremely soft feel and high players, he is 18 years old, playing CBA in the first year, and 13.7 points at the end of the first phase. 10.2 rebounds, 1.2 assists, 1.3 caps. Such a stunning data, you can’t fully show the excellence of Yu Jiahao. Only have seen his game, you can feel his talent, his comprehensive!

Liao Sanning as
a newcomer, the position of the team’s brain, organizes the defender, it is the biggest praise. The organizational guards are well played. Generally, the old players, control the rhythm, organizational attack, both need rich competition experience, but also need to have high prestige in the team, Liao Sanluden can occupy the main force in North Control, Explain that he has rare talents. Liao Sanning has been played for 30 minutes, got 13.6 points, 4.6 rebound, 6.1 assists, and he also had three mistakes.

Guo Yuwen also has a long progress in the season, especially the past short board three-pointer, and the hit rate is significantly improved. It can be able to pass the ball, such Guo Weiwen is very horrible. Guo Weiwen is 17.9 points second only to Wang Zhelin and Franklin, his appearance time is just 23 minutes. Zhang Tanglin has 13.1 points, 5.4 rebound, 2.3 assists. Zengfuo also has a good performance in the Development Alliance.

This lineup belongs to a big four small, and each player has a talent. Guo Jiwen and Zeng Fanbo have a single-playing ability, plus Zhang Tanglin’s three-pointer and dunks, the rule of Jialao’s basket, and Liao Sanning’s wearing pin lead, Very perfect combination. The most important thing is that they have a lot of improvement space, they will support the future of Chinese basketball!