The cold doors who choose after retiring! Some people have become a detective, some people choose pest control

The football world attracts the audience around the world, and also attracts many followers. As a fan, I usually want to know what the football player will do after retiring.

For those who are galloping on the court, it is difficult to think about their life outside the football. Many players are linked to football after hanging boots.

But there are also some people away from football and turn their attention to virtually no one will think. Let’s take a look at the five professional football players, they have chosen the strange profession after retiring.

5, Jeff Whitley – Car Salesperson

The player loves their cars, almost not letting the opportunity to show off their expensive cars, this is not a new thing.

Look at the photos of the biggest player on INS, you know who has anything. However, foreigners, the foreigners, the general people also need a car, and it will not be too bad for them, so he has become a used car salesman.

Whitley came to Manchester City at the age of 10 and played for the first time in Manchester City in 2000. He has doubled to where is today Top League with Manchester City and is a key player in the midfield.

When Hui Teli started alcohol, his life has changed the earth. At first he was only drinking after the game, but soon, it was addicted to this. After that he joined the Arsenal’s legendary figure Adams’s sports rehabilitation clinic, helping him resume awake.

After retiring in 2010, the midfielder started to be a salesman in Stokeport Automobile Supermarket. Whitley is trying to return to the game again, he currently holds the European Po. B LED, is a qualified coach.

4, Al扬 Dezeu – Detective

In the last day of Wigan Athletics, Al-Dezewu broke the team on the court and led the team to win the League Cup.

However, shortly after retiring from the football, this defender led his detective team to investigate the haman and drug dealer of Alkmar.

Al-Dezeu joined Barnesley in 1995, which is the most successful delhi doordarshan live tv channel member of the club, helping them to upgrade to the Premier League in 1997. Barnesley was downgrade in their first season, but this defender kicked the Britain. It was even more than enough, so Wigan Athletics signed him in 1999.

He is a big figure in the defender of Wiki, and won two new year two consecutive times in 2001 and 2002, followed by Redkegnop persuaded him to sign Portsmouth.

This Dutch has a degree in medical university, which helps him help him engage in the investigation of occupations. After retirement in 2009, he began working with the forensic department.

3, add Wen Pikick – Pastor

After more than 600 clubs in Newcastle and Chelsea, add Havi Pikick retired and appeared on TV as an expert.

In 2008, Pikick bid farewell to BBC and went to Canada to become a pastor. The former player is currently a deputy pastor of Calgary’s Cannelian church.

The mid-site hindi samachar latest news player became the best shooter in Chelsea in the 1993-94 season, and his contribution plays an important role in the semi-final of the Blue Army in the 1995 League Cup winner cup.

Pikick retired in 2002. He appeared nearly 540 in the Grand League, the Class B league and the Premier League. In his football career, he entered nearly 100 balls.

2, Ferris – selling hats

There are many genius players in today’s football age. With the growth of ambition, the training intensity is improved, many players show the maturity of super ago.

Ferris is such a magical child. In 2011, he attracted many people in the Celtic College. For a long time, he has been touted for the most exciting players in Scottish football.

Chelsea signed Ferris in 2011, but soon, he became a controversial player. In 2012, he was with a friend and a woman in his scottish jersey. He was condemned by the Blue Army.

Mourinho gave him two first chances in the season, but this is the best opportunity for him to enter the Chelsea team. In 2015, he was lended to Blackpool.

Last year, he launched his own brand 24 years old, the brand logo is ”Tajiri”, which means ”rich” in Swahili.

1, Gordon Davis – pest control

The forward Wales striker in Chelsea, Manchester City and Fulham, decided to deal with flea, bugs and cockroaches after retired.

In his two periods of his effective Farm, he played more than 350 times in the league, became their number one shooter, which was still maintained.

In 1993, he was retired after a season of Tornado Fk in Norway, and he might be aware of his interests.

Subsequently he became the pest controller in Benderford, and later opened his pest control company in North Aquadun County. He is still working in the farm, sometimes it is also a business environment.