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Late last month, the State Sports General Administration issued a ”” Fourteen five ”sports development planning” to inform, to mention some reform direction and objectives related to Chinese football, men’s soccer and strive to achieve the best in Asia, said the level of women’s football in Asia to achieve the advanced level. However, more than the people’s discussions are more concerned about the continuous expansion support of the social stadium and the number of certificates of coaches.

”Development Plan” emphasizes that in response to the construction of social football sites, it is struggling to have more than 1 piece of conditions news at this hour for each 10,000 people with football venues in 2025 (including the national social football venue construction special action focused on promoting cities with conditions. . This implicates, this means that the state will continue to promote social football venue facilities investment construction, operation management model innovation, encourage social strength to invest in construction operation community football venue facilities, establish and improve the government support policy list and project subject responsibility The list of list of lists and efficient coordination mechanisms made by the list, the number of sites, the utilization rate, and the sustainable operation of the operational subject are significantly improved, reduce construction operation costs and service prices, and improve the satisfaction of the people.

Second, strengthen national team style construction best bengali news channel in india and improve the national team management model. The man’s national team strives to achieve the first-class level of Asia, and the women’s national team strive to achieve a leading level in Asia. As for this, huh, huh. It can be ignored.

Third, vigorously cultivate the amateur football club and the campus football community, relying on the community to cultivate membership system football clubs and other young training institutions, achieving all kinds of football clubs (including campus teams) registered in various provinces and cities in the country – this One is also the most focused on football population. In particular, it is required to have a wide range of national fitness activities, promoting the popularization of county football promotion, encouraging local characteristics and resource advantages, and cultivating national fitness brand event activities. In google morning addition, it is necessary to establish a physical education integration registration system to achieve 1.5 million registered players. The number of people who hold D-class and above reach 120,000, and the number of referee certificates of three and above reach a number of people.

Although there is a question of whether the certificate is too flood, it is also a great place to enrich our football population. Of course, the competition of future coaches referee will become increasingly fierce.

Fourth, the national football development key city: five years is a cycle, choose a batch of football foundation, good development conditions, high work, strengthen support and guidance, adhere to expand the scale of football and improve football talents For the core, the popularity and improvement of football movements are promoted. The implementation of the policy is to gradually establish a strong foundation, improved system, live news18 india strong security, and a strong sense of strong Chinese characteristic football, the urban football operation mechanism, to create a demonstration city in my country’s football reform, explore the development path of Chinese characteristics, with a point In the overall improvement of the overall football level in my country.

”Planning” finally wrote: ”During the” 14th Fiveth ”period, in the face of the Great Renaissance Strategy of the Chinese Nation, the National Great Rejuvenation Strategy, the Sports Needs, Sports Needs to Based on the New Development Stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, co-ordination Develop and safety, enhance the awareness of opportunities and risk awareness, parenting the machine in the crisis, in the development of the new bureau, truth moral stories in telugu and move forward in the new journey to comprehensively built socialist modernization. ”

Well, dreams are always beautiful.