The crow career bowl is protected by Titan’s rookie to vomit, and it is also the body of others.

After last week, Tennei Taitan defeated Baltimore, crow career bowl attack padded Marshal Yanda, called Titan new show anti-defeat player Jeffry Simmons in the United Unitedity divided into his face Sprayed. Yanda hopes that NFL can help himself go back to fair, put an end to this type of modular behavior again, but when NFL announces the latest ticket, there is no Smons’ name. The NFL explanation is that there is no obvious video card.

Titan wins the United States in the United States of America at 28-12, Yan Da Temple expressed his dissatisfaction with the media. ”I have never been sprayed in the mouth!” Yanda said: ”But I was really sprayed with the 98th of the other party. He needs to be sentenced to the penalty notice of NFL. He said some today. If the NFL is very ridiculous. I just want him to be punished by the alliance, such a behavior is really ridiculous. No one wants to win, everyone wants to take advantage of the whole force, but the guy is too much. ”

The 13th NFL season of Yanda will end in the seasons, and the crow of the crow of 14 wins and 2nd will win the number seed, and they have won the playoff game with 12 consecutive victories, but who once thought they were in the season. The next game was lost to the six seed Titan. The accident is really difficult to win the big hot crow, but Yanda believes that Simmons’ behavior is a completely tailblaneous person.

”Have a correct method and wrong way, and the guy’s approach is absolutely not correct.” 8 years of professional bowls have said, he also hopes that his friends, Titan team professional bowl front line player Julier – Jurrell Casey can talk to Simmus: ”I told Zilrell to let him manage his own younger brother, because the matter is really inspirable, I respect Julier, but his teammates are playing The things you have made will not accept it. ”

It is ridiculous that Yanda was also accused of vontaze Burfict, which was still in Cincinnati, which was still in a game. Spit water, but avoided the direction of Bethlet. ”I will never do this, never spit toward another person. I am not such a child, I am a teacher, I will not educate my child.”

Is it so thinking about it with his people? At least he received an interview on Wednesday, he did not deny that he had dawn, and of course did not recognize it. ”I know what I did, what didn’t do.” Simmons said: ”Today is Wednesday, I am concerned about the game. I have done in the past, and I am in the last game What did you do can help us win. I know what I have done, I haven’t done. ”If the allegation is true, Simmons will be fined $ 14037 because of violation of sports moral behavior. There is a idiom called ”Scene”, but Yanda looks like a player who will endure the spit on his face. The next season’s crow will meet Titan at the main stage of the regular season. If the two are still If the drain is necessary to find a game.