The dolphins have been unconventional, and the death of the snacks is 18 points.

After this wave of operation, the Dolphin team renewed the team’s number one corner Wei Zawenee with a large contract of $ 76.5 million in 5 years.This aspect expresses the team’s weight for star players, and on the other hand, the team’s current status is reflected.In the case where the player is lost, the dolphine is currently abundant, both salary or salaries, and the only problem is the lack of people!And if they appoint Jos, Rosen acts as the first quarter-saving, or if they choose a quadrant, such a situation will last for several years.However, the resume of the new handsome Florisk makes people have to doubt, and the attitude of the team reconstruction allows them to find big fish in the free market with a big contract.So even if many people look at them, they even think that they have booked next year’s championships, the team does not change the idea of future development direction.