The Dynasty will not be a day-on-day ESPN expert’s number of patriots.

January 8 (Wen / ESPN BILL BARNWELL Compilation / Draskar) For the first time, the new England patriots have fallen outside the external calorie.

This season is no doubt if the patriots have failed. After the end of Tom Braddy, Tom Brradi’s contract is about to expire. Given his performance of this season, the team is unlikely to give him a privileged label.

Breddy has been listed in Boston’s mansion, and it may be that Titan is the last game of Braddy’s jersey.

Unlike previous failures, the patriot will give the outside a building that will pour the premonition. ESPN’s expert special writing, re-discharged over the years of patriotic operations, thinking about its impact on today and the future.

The player sent away is luminous elsewhere

Due to hard workers, patriots often leave all merits players, team management often faces choices. In 2016, the patriot decided to carry him in front of the free player, changed a two-wheeled and the No. 7 Xijonononon-Cooper.

Byrrik’s operation, this two-wheeled show became the team’s current offensive front line player Joe-Tuni. Cooper has not been played for the patriots, Tuni is playing conscientiously in the patriots, and Jones went to Arizona’s red scitch, and the four years ago contributed 60 times.

When Pillager saw Tanny Herrily stayed in the Titan pocket, I won’t know if I remembered Jones.

On October 31, 2017, when Garobolo refused to sign the contract, the patriot decided to change him to the West Coast, exchanged 2 rounds of 49 people.

Bilipk has got an additional four draft. Unfortunately, the five pavilions of the patriot have not selected the right player, and the opposite Galopolo has become a four-point guardian of the national leader.

When you know that Garobolo has a bigger ambition, a better choice for patriots is to trader him in the spring of 2017, change him to a first-round sign, and pick better. The amount of drafts will not necessarily represent the quality, and the power of the stack is not necessarily scraped into lottery tickets.

On April 3, 2018 Patriots traded Brandin Cook. This is only one year from the Saint Patriots.

The patriot took a four-wheel sign and changed to 1 round and 6 rounds of the ram. The patriot used 1 roundab to pick Ezaia – Wen, he also replaced the neittites of the gone – Solde became the head of the team.

If Cook can stay in the patriot, obviously the patriots’ external doors are solved, and the 2019 team does not need to use the first round to pick Enchi-Harry, but reinforce the other positions of the team.

Of course, this requires the patriot to renew the space for the Cook, and Cooks just suffer from the shock of brain, and Bilipk believes that Cook career will continue to be affected by brain injuries.

Even so, Billycy is certainly more willing to let Cook instead of Henry or Sanu act outside the team’s main force.

The draft of the arrival of 2017

The NFL draft is very important to the team’s combatization. A failure draft will affect the overall planning of the team in the next 3 to 5 years.

The 2017 draft is called the Bilipk’s career Waterloo. Although there is a transaction to Cook, Cook has affected the first round of the patriot, but the result of this draft is a bad deeds.

Bilipk was signed from the black panther from the Black Panther with a 64th sign. In the Yili training camp, we were layoffs and did not play a role; and the Saints and the black panthers were picked up with the two signs of the patriot.

The patriot uses 3 rounds and the Detroit Lion trades up, picking a new show for the disappearance of the lung blood clot season reimbursement. Antonio Garcia. The male lion signs the team’s current number one Kenny Goradi.

Bilipk took a while in the draft conference, the results of the four-round Shi Titri-Wai, which can contribute to the team this season. Taking into account Cook team, this year’s patriot’s draft is almosthereous.

I watched my eyes in this year, and this year, this year is the moment of 2017 new show, and the patriot can only look at the players of other people to gradually provoke the girle.

Antonio Garcia

Antonio Garcia

Two old days of Titan

Interestingly, the painful master of the patriots in the outer card, Henry, has the opportunity to join the patriots before the 2018 transaction deadline. According to the news, the news is revealed that the general manager of Titan, Robinson hopes to use Henry to a 2-round sign, and the total alliance team is not willing to have this price.

Therefore, Titan can only leave Henry as the former patriots to run Di Dian – Lewis’s substitute. In December 2018, Henry broke out in the face of the Chase tiger, and the single field ran out of 238 yards. After that, they will not be packed.

Since then, Henry ran a total of 2125 yards, and 329 yards than the league; 23 rushing up reached 6 times than the second place.

Not just Henry, External Hand Adam in Titan – Henfris refused the prices of patriots during the 2019 break stage.

Interestingly, the patriot has a higher price, before the patriots can dig at a low price to strength players, but Hengris feels that because Braddy’s career line will end, he refused to patriot. From now on, Henfris has to have foresight.

Although Henfris missed the external card battle, the regular season opened 37 shots to promote the number of 374 yards, 2 times, reached the ball, if he can join the patriot, exclude the injury factor Henfris, who is good at tap, will be a good supplement of the team’s outer handover lineup.

Brown’s farce, endless injury – patriot’s 2019 season

On March 24, 2019, the 30-year-old team legend near Termond Rolkkovsky retired. Gelkkovsky has been suffering from back and injuries for a long time, whether it is training or a game, he can bite his teeth many times.

In the 2018 season, the role as a longitudinal player has gradually weakened. In the playoffs, his performance in the playoff seems to be a backlight.

Although the outside world does not believe that the golden age will be willing to leave the stadium in the player’s golden age, but he has not returned to the patriot’s array, and the total number of the patriot’s neighborhood is only 419 yards, alliance rows in the countdown third.

At the beginning of the 2019 season, Antonio-Brown’s signing has gave the patriot fans unlimited. On September 9, Brown signed a 1 year of $ 15 million after being ruled by the Auckland raid.

In the second week, faced dolphins. Former steel people, they got the brigade of the patriotic robes, and the ball was successful, and the 56 yards were promoted and there were 1 time. 5 days later, the brown soap opera plot was fermented again. Some people broke Brown not only invaded another woman, but also threatened text messages to her afterwards.

Therefore, the patriot has also chosen to tell him. At present, Brown is still fighting lawsuits, I hope to find patriots to return to him to pay the salary; no matter how, Brown’s removal of the patriot will make the patriot 2 season’s salary caps with a dead money.

Once the patriot can pack a ”problem player” to clean the service post, now perhaps the 7th professional bowl player Brown personality is too distant, even the patriots who have a deep-denied patriot will have no way. If Brown can be like him before, the only Bradi horse is looking for, and the outer card Brady does not find people to catch?

The regular season has not yet begun, and the center David – Andrew is reimbursed due to injuries. Following the patriotic stadium, the team’s injury list is slowly drawn.

The second week of Daffen Develin montes reimbursement, Aya – temperature derived for 10 weeks; October 2nd playing Stephen – Gust Kursky reimbursement; Even the trading coming Sanu and Edelman are also Take the ball, so they did not show their best state in the outer card.

After the main injury, the team’s substitute performance is very general. Until the December patriots talented the wire Gulanden – Roberts playing all the way to make up the lineup vulnerability; and the New Hoiss of the supplement as always, the 9 games he released 5.5 times.

After reimbursement from Sigster Koski, the patriots lived three players, but they only had a total of 20 balls for a total of 26 shots, and Bilipk was dissatisfied with their performance.

1 code line also became the most difficult level of patriot

The external card war is in front of the 3rd gear to the end of the end of the 3rd gear. This instant can become a minority of the patriot failed. Once upon a time, the patriot of the patriot tried the tactics of the rush.

And this sharp line is unfavorable, the center is the first round of the rookie Jeffrey, Simmus, and Michelle can only turn to the outside, and the front line player Hohas that can be changed to the game has not opened the road.

Roberts leaned over, I would like to fly the Bayer to the back to the side, but he rushed over. At this time, Michelle can only desire to miss the opponent, but there is no wish of his opponent.

In the most critical attack in the competition, the patriot can only replace a batch of replacement players, I hope they can play frequently. It can be finally the last victory is still a little bit. Perhaps they didn’t realize that they have missed the best chance to pull the score.

This is the first time in the playoffs in the Braddy-Billarck era, 1st file can only play the ball. Since then, the patriot’s attack has not passed Titan’s 47-yard line.

The whole game is only 1 time in the Red District, and Titan has entered the Red District. After the end of the Bellikik fails, he will also play the fourth file, but now he has clearly lost confidence in the offensive group.

Whether the Patriot’s Dynasty has ended still, the team needs to change this uncomfortable fact.