The epidemic will help the video referee development, the tennis will become the first movement without the human referee?

Eagle eye system operation background.
In tennis projects, the status of the referee seems to be declining.
Affected by the epidemic, many large tennis events have used the video referee to referee with the video referee, and the number of referee’s ”shadow only” is left only.
If it is further developed by science and technology, will there be a game without artificial cnn global markets referee, and the scene of the game is in the automation system? Epidemic accelerate technology ”upper”
After applying Eagle eye technology to a formal competition, tennis projects have long been accustomed to this technological means, and many tennis audiences have also regarded eagle eye challenge as a ”program” in the game.

Whenever the athlete is dissatisfied with the decision of the referee, it will make a challenge, and the referee has occurred in the way. In a point of view, this is also equal to the recognition of the accuracy of the human referee, the latter has a real ”authority”.

So, a question inevitably appears – since the video is more accurate, why not use the video to make a penalty?

In the new crown virus, many sports events should control the largest summary of the number of people in the game, this idea has become a reality, and has been used in the top doordarshan telugu live events of tennis projects – such as, US Net, And even the men’s tennis master, the year-end finals … all began to use the video referee in the competition.

In fact, in 2017, such a fully automatic video referee system has been trial in a lower payment, just the arrival of the epidemic, which greatly accelerates the ”upper” pace of this system.

In order to make the law enforcement of the video referee system not to mechanize, still use the vocal recording in the game, but if the public adapts to the automatic video referee, the broadcast of the broadcast is not possible.

There is even an eagle-eye business high-level raise a bold idea – bringing business sponsorship to the video referee, such as adding the ”Dog” of the sponsor when broadcasting …

Demo vented angrily hit the female company.
Dexjo: The technology is too hard, no human beings can also
In the process latest news india times of india of introducing technological means in sports events, there is always a variety of disputes, such as the VAR video assistant referee of football projects is still spit, football is even questionable, and the charm of ”humanity” is.

However, the tendency of technological means ”penetration” has not stopped – in the promotion process, the biggest advantage is undoubtedly accurate and fair.

When China Tennis Golden Flower Zhang Shuai has given a completely approved attitude when evaluating the video referee referee: ”I feel too needed, do anything needs fairness.”

Today’s men’s top first person Djokovic also said: ”Since there is already a technological means, I can’t see any reason to continue to retain the driver’s referee, I support the use of technological means, this is the process of tennis to future development inevitable.”

In the former professional players, ESPN tennis analyte experts Pan Schletif seems that the advantage online news today hindi of the video referee is not only accuracy, but also from physically giving more space, no need to worry about the officer referee on the field. Influencing the game – at least the previous Mei Net Devo’s anger hitting the clove of the driver’s referee, the accident is canceled, and it will not happen again.

In addition, the video referee system is not more compact because there is no hawk eye challenge link.
In the event of a more respected technological means, the workplace of the human officer’s referee may be increasingly limited to a low-level event, because these events often have high costs of video referee systems.
Xiaozvrev and the main referee theory.
Eagle is also error? Technology is not universal?
It seems that the video referee has progressed quickly in the ”siege” of the tennis project, so whether the technological means can retrieve the mid to the main referee, let the players compete in a fully automated system?

Such an idea is inevitable in many people’s minds, but they want to achieve such a scene, there are still many problems need to be resolved.

The existence of the referee is not only the penalty of each point, but also involves a variety of fouls. If you want to make clear discrimination and accurate judgment of all types of fouls, you will need more technological progress.

In this field, the situation is thousands of accidents, and all accidents may occur, and the instant communication of players and referees is required, which is the task of machine referees more difficult.

Insider analyzes, a potential possibility is that all regions of the rules are performed by the automation system, and only one ”supervisor” is required, and the situation is handled in the event of an accident, thereby reaching from another angle The effect of human referee.

However, in the moment, this can only stay in a possibility, after all, at present, the video referee system has not reached a hundred percent of one hundred percent accuracy.

The real-time eagle system that is widely used in tennis events is not really captured, but is calculated and simulated by imaging data.

Previously, there was no case of judge the wrong eye system to judge the wrong eye system on the red soil-breaking venue.

According to aspects of the Eagle Enterprise, in 2020, the 125,000 judgment of the system was sentenced to 14 errors, and he also said that the error of the eagle eye system is not 0, but within 3.6 mm.

However, according to the New York Times, in addition to the most mainstream eagle system, there is also a video company named Foxtenn. The company’s system is to make a penalty by capturing the trajectory of true balls and falling. Redon 100% accuracy.

In the future, the video referee system will also have a market battle, but no matter who can win, technology replaced the trend of tennis referee has been difficult to block.