The famous man players also hit the Call magical boy shining San Francisco

When 49 people decided to make the first few quarter-free CJ-Besid as a candidate, many people think they must be crazy, then 7 of the 8 experts of PFF will give their own tickets. By. However, how did they not think that Nick Mullen, the four-point guard of this career is actually made in a very amazing way to make this recognized thinking of the rookie mutual thinking on Thursday. . The 34-3 score has added Joan Grunette and Drek Carl in the shame column, but also the biggest awards of this magical first show.

The greater surprise is still behind, in the interview after the game, Murlos received a blessing call from the ”teacher” of the South Mississiti University. This ”teacher” is not someone, it is proud of the South Mission Sicipi University, former Green Bay packaging Team Temple 4-point guard, the Wei Ming Express Brett Falf! Fafer said in the phone: Murlos’s success is not surprised! This makes Murlen excited. He said in a reporter in the interview that the phone received Fema is his honor, he will take this more effort.

Of course, the general outstanding exert is not worthy to play Call for him. Murlen’s 22 pass 16 in this game, the 262 yards of 3 times did not be copied; and the four-point guards of 151.9 points created at least 20 four-point guards since 1970. Score record. Coincidentally, in his previous record holder is this southptic Sicipi University teacher Corva, 1992 Fatone passed 210 yards in the first show, gaining 144.6 points, four-point guards . It is the so-called ”Yangtze River to push the prevention”, interesting is this ”prefang” more than once by this ”back wave”.

In 2012, Murlen, who is still in high school, has passed the high-efficiency data of 3649 yards + 40 times, which also made him won the best player award in Alabama Jiajusus. After the introduction of Joining South Mississippi, I chose to join the South Mississippi University Golden Eagle, he sat in the top six games, and the team’s opening season 0 wins and 6 negative records finally let the head coach Tod, Monday, and decided in the first. In the seven weeks of replacement, the first quarter is like this, Murlen ushered in his first opportunity. However, the miracle did not occur, the team 14-55 lost to the University of North Dexas, the first show of Mullen’s university was not exciting, and the passed 210 yard was 1 time, but there were 3 cases And dropped the ball once. At this point, their team has 18 games.

However, the head coach Mind may have seen some of Murlen, he continued to give the Murlos, and the results of Murlen quickly gave him return. In the second game of Murlen, although the team lost to the Marshall University, Murlon became the first videot of the team’s first pass over 300 yards. This is a feat of the famous guardian quarters of the school history Ding Ding. Fair has not completed the feat of the unpleasant in the university. He is climbing in the University of South Mission.

On November 30, 2013, Murnd led the team at the University of Alabama and ended the 24-game losing streak in South Mission Sicipi University. Murlen has also sits its team’s first quadrant position. Two years later 2015, Mullen ushered in the year of college career, 521 passed 331 success, transfer 4476 yards + 38 times. Among them, the number of passes and the number of times the number of times broke the school history. The second time, Murlen surpassed the seniors farten; and the 5476 yards passed the number of passwords also ranked all four in the NCAA League FBS. The sixth place in assignments. This is almost unimaginable for schools such as the South Mixi University. It is necessary to climb out from the 24-game mud, and their record can come to 9 wins 5 wins two years later. Mullen has also been selected as the C-USA year’s best offensive player in this year, and the C-USA annual second lineup is selected.

On October 1, 2016, Nick Muller completed the peak of his college career in the game of the squad. He passed the game from 591 yards + 4 times, and the team also won the victory of the game at 44-28. During the four years of the University, Murlos left a string of data on school history, 11994 yards pass the number of passes and 87 times, let Brett Fver 7695 yards and 52 times Data appears to be self-contained. During just a university, Murlos surpass Fah, engraved their names on the school record.

However, NFL is a cruel world. Even if Murloth’s university data is bright enough, NFL’s scout is more willing to believe in the ice-cold data of the body. Only 6 feet 1 inch (1.85m) of the height is a kind of biased, and the number of roads with 210 yards during the four-year period is more doubtful, even if he has achieved it. 9 sholes reached. So, at the 2017 draft election, there is no team to choose this four-point guard that can surpass Fat. However, perhaps God’s care, Murlons did not have more awkward; the San Francisco 49 team has opened a contract for him, but he did not enter 53 lists of 49 people. The entire 2017, he all spent in the exercise list, even if Brian Hoiel and CJ-Bernad were so bad, the head coach Kyle Salino did not believe that this rookie can change something. As a result, 49 people brought back Jimmy-Garobo, which was previously traded last year.

Galopolo’s 5 games in 2017 have brought a big contract, and the hope of Mullen counterattacks is even more embarrassing. However, when 49 people are preparing to have a big boxing, the CJ-Bayes demon is not satisfactory, and injured. At this time, Nick Mullen has become a team’s three quarter-off, and I have never thought that Murrons can brought to this team. However, the passion of Murlen in front of the game, the mobilization mobilization makes people feel that this long-awaited rookie seems to be different.

Accurate judgment, calm look for the goal, plus the defenders of the raid. Everything, let Nick Mullen look like a holiday in the sixty-seven years of the rivers and lakes. Indeed, many people think that after the game, the raid people have a low defensive state so that Murlons looks so unparalleled; the whole game, the raid team does not kill, only 2 quarters impact; but in the pavement defense The 143 yards are released, let the 49 people’s tension running Wei Kahahan – Mosttet looks like a star-level running guard. Maybe Murlen just did he should do it, but there is no doubt that he spent a night that made him so shine. At least, at this night, all 49 fans are willing to believe that he is the person who can take the team after Garobolo. In just a few hours, Murloth’s twitter follows the number of 3,500 people jumped to 21,000 people, really a famous night.

Let’s take a look at this big string, see what Murlons did on this night.

151.9’s quarter-branch passed score created a record record of four-year-offshore show for 20 times since 1970;

He became the first first show in the history of the 49 people.

34 points are 49 people with the highest score of single fields;

After 1950, only 3 four-point guards can do 250+ yards, 3 times or more Davids have not been copied; named the celebrity class quadrant Wei Fran-Takton (1961) ), Celebrity class quartz Jim – Kelly (1986) and Nick Mullen (2018).

Such performance, I can’t think of the words other than ”magic” to describe it. Amazing! For San Francisco, for those who have heard that Joe-Montana and Steve Yang bring a lot of glory, they have seen the miracle of this city, this team. And create this miracle, is a magical kid Nik Mullen!

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