The first "Maotai Prince Cup" football league in Xixiu District

On October 30th, in 2021, the ”Maotai Prince Cup” Football League ”Maotai Prince Cup” in Xixiu District, Anshun City was officially opened.

It is understood that the football league has a football team from the county district of Anshun, and more than 30 teams invited to participate in the competition. 2 months of competition, respectively ok google what is today’s date in the Anda Factory Football videocon authorised customer care number Field, Puanding Stadium, Industrial Park Football Field A venue is played. The competition is divided into no difference group and the age group of 40 years old. Among them, there is no difference group to take 11 people, 15 rounds; 40-year-old age group, take 8 people, 9 rounds of competition.

After the opening ceremony, the Shanghai Zhuoyang team and Xinyuan mouth have opened the opening ceremony of this competition.

It is reported that this competition is hosted by the Xixiu District Cultural and Sports Radio, Television Tourism Bureau, Puding County Wencily Radio, Television Tourism Bureau, Xiuxiu District Football Association, Puding County Football Association jointly hosted. It is designed to implement the national fitness plan, breeding football soil and football culture, promote the healthy development of football, promote the business news today national fitness concept, and top 10 breaking news today improve the health level and quality of life of the people.

Western Xiu District Rong Media Center Full Media Reporter: Liu Huan

Xixiu District Meteorological Bureau Tips: It is expected to go to tomorrow today, there is light rain tomorrow, there is rain in the ground; temperature: 11 ~ 14 ° C. Xixiu Meteorological Station 15 o’clock in real time: temperature: 12.3 ° C; wind direction: Southeast wind; wind speed: 0.9m / s; relative humidity: 90%; air pressure: 860.4hPa.