The first person in mainland China!Zhao Lun into the Warw Waukee Waterman Farm New Show before 25

Zhao Liln, born on August 29, 2001, from the MLB amended China Development Center, and signed by the Milwaukee winemaker at the age of 16, after the adaptation of the guidance alliance, it officially entered the team small alliance system.In 2018, 8.1 games were sent 6 times in the newcomers.In the sixth place in the Milwaukee winemaker, the scout report pointed out that his spheres include four stitch speed balls, curves, and shift balls, with speed rapids at 90 to 92 miles, while the curved evaluation is most considered to use 70(Full of 80) The potential, and his control is considered to be more immature needs more improvement, and it is not enough 18-year-old height.He mounts the moment of the big alliance.