The first place in history! Australian professional football players don’t like to come?

Recently, Australia has once again refreshed history! Josh Cavallo, Josh Cavallo, Australia, Josh Cavallo, is gaining.

On the social platform, he issued a fascination of a video, and he thought about his sexual orientation for a long time.

”Today, I am finally ready to talk about some of my private things. I can tell everyone that I am gay. I can go to this step today, this step is a long life experience, I news articles can make bold I am very breaking news in tamil today happy to decide on the cabinet. In the past six years, I have struggled with my sexual orientation every day, and now I can finally stop. ”

”For those who know me, I know that I am a very payive person. From small to big, I always hide themselves because I feel shameful, because I can’t live my true yourself, I can’t be ashamed In order to follow my dreams, I have hidden my sexual orientation.

As a football player in a deep cabinet, I learned to bury my emotions and the group. I have never thought of gathering with sex and playing football. I have never thought that I have been discussed as a topic. ”

This video immediately received more than a million people.

In November 1999, the 21-year-old boys also became the first professional football player of Takara.

21 year old young, he is currently effective in the how to get into google top stories Adelaide Union and serves as the defender and Zhongwei in the team.

Although he was young, he used to participate in the world ’s competition on behalf of all players under Australia, and was also rated as the title of the Adelaide team’s sparkling star.

Nowadays, it has become a number of fans with 140,000 fans on the Ig of Rainbow boy. He has been very handsome! It is too thin!

At the network, he really likes to pull the beauty very much attention to the image.

Even I feel that he hits his face, the actor who appears ”out of the cabinet” Noah Galvin!

In addition, I have seriously suspected that he has ”Fetish”!

People look good

Although today’s society is already very open, the comrades group is still a gray zone in the football community, which may affect their own football career. open google search Josh has already thought about it. He hopes to tell other athletes in the cabinets and want to change this status quo.

Have to say, the light is a small age, his pattern has already matured.

I hope that he can bring us more surprises in the future, and bless his career! I am very curious about his boyfriend.

Do you think he is 1 or 0? You can you have today !?