The first record of the league! Warrior king returned, can they break 73 wins and 9 negative records?

On November 25th, Beijing time, the Warriors were at home from 116-96 victory. At the same time, the Warri was hit by 5 consecutive victories, and the records were raised to 16 wins and 2 losses, and continued to lead the entire alliance. At present, the best team of the eastern record is a basket, and the record is 14 wins and 5 losses. The second sun team in the west is 15 wins and 3 losses.

The Warriors’ rise this season, it is indeed an accident. It is to know that the Warriors began to fall by falling after the 2019 finals, and the 2019-20 season became a western fish pole team. Last season of regular seasons only row in the western nine, and in the surcharge, there was a lake and Grizzlies, and there was no playoff. However, if you want to come to the Warriors to get the first record of the league, it is also a matter of reason. The Warriors have four more than 20 million battles this season, which is the library, Thompson, Wevers and Green, they The salary is as high as 1.76 billion US https://www.maillotbasket6.comdollars, the force basket, the Lakers and other team ranks first.

The 33-year-old Curry continued to play the fleet performance in this season, and the fields can get 28.2 points 5.8 rebounds 6.8 Assistance 1.6 steals, he has considered the most powerful competitors of MVP this season. Weikins also threw away the insulation cup, repeated performance in the competition, got 19.1 points 4.4 rebounds, and the hit rate was as high as 49.6%. Green performance is comprehensive, and the average will get 7.9 points 8 rebounds 7.6 assists, still the core of the Warriors attack and defensive end. Poole is more obvious in this season, and the average is cut 18.3 points 3.3 rebound 3.3 assists. Daminie, Otto,
Don’t Liste, Pedon II, Luni, Anderson, Igodala, Cooking and other people’s performance is also a sharp point, plus Thompson that has not returned yet. And Wordman, Warriors achieved what highly fascinated.

So can the Warriors of this season reach or break their 73 win 9 losses in the 2015-16 season? I think there is a certain possibility that the Warriors current winning rate up to 88.9%, if they are calculated in accordance with the Warriors’ current winning rate, the record will reach 73 wins and 9 losses at the end of the season. And the current lineup of the Warriors is still complete, and Thompson is coming out, the strength of the Warriors in the attack and defense will also enhance a lot. In addition, the Warriors can also take some strengths to transactions with the list of collapse, and further enhance lineup.

Of course, the Warriors want to break the record of 73 wins and 9, there is still a big challenge. First of all, it is a healthy problem. Since the reachen of NBA in 2009, Curi has entered NBA, and he has never diligent, almost every season will suffer from injuries. Therefore, if it is defective, Curi will have a big impact on the performance of the Warriors. Another point is that the current start has just been playing for more than a month, and the teams are in the stage, while waiting next year, all teams are running out, and the Warriors’ stadium will become more difficult.

However, the record is used to be broken, I hope the Warriors can break the record of 73 wins and 9 losses!