The first to enter the field of wild tools, the big capital will sign 20 million in 20000. Espoba

Both this snippet have a large number of free players to leave the team, and their reinforcement should be the first hair pitcher, owners and cowshouses, and finally is inwell hands. However, his first important signing is inwell, they spend 20 million US dollars for two years to sign Edward – Eshkiba.

The biggest advantage of Escoba is that it can keep a lot of positions, and the second base is even guerrillas and left fields. The horizontal level of the attack, Eshkiba is also very good, the 2021 season can have. 253 / .314 / .472’s hit three, 146 games have 28 bangs, career first selected star games. The last complete large Pieza ball season (2019), Eshkiba took the most 35 bangs, the top 10 three-base playback, and the second base is also playing 29.

For the arrival of Escoba, the first firman of the Metropolitan Pitcher Thauan-Walker is very excited. ”It’s too happy, Esco Barone will play with me”, two people play along with Arizona in 2019, ”He is one of the best teammates I have ever seen, and the fans of the metropolis will like his”.

Throughout the career of Espoba, his hit three surroundings. 256 / .309 / .436, 11 different teams represent the four different teams 138, which have more than half of the time is in the Shuangcheng of.

Although all the big probes gave him so much money because of his stick, but
this toolman’s arrival can enrich the coach’s craftsmanship, and can make the team have more space in subsequent operations. . For example, Jeff McNer may be in the foreground of the left, and the metropolis can also sell JD-Davis, let Escoba goes more.

Both may not be able to use Esco Barten guerrillas and fields, but he is there, even if the team has a large-scale injury, it will not fall into the situation available. Perhaps Escoba means that all the best and Haville say goodbye, Francisco stands firmly, Eskuba occupies one of the two or three rivals. Viste and McNeil have a person to have a person, and Bayz will mean that McNer is always in the foreign country, Davis has to leave.

Billy Epper can now put more energy on the first hair, Steven Matgami, Sapphire, they may continue to Kevin Gaussman, Robie-Lei, Torle, this level of pitcher continues Send a violent offensive. Some people say that Espoba is the location of Jonathan-Viar, and his 2021 season represents a 142 game. But that is that there will be no Baiz, Robinson-Kano, and in fact, the wild inrearth has been quite crowded in facts in the case of massive injuries.

Of course, all the people will definitely need a star level of the bearer, Michael-Braho, and the replacement of him is Chris Brines. Nick Castillanos? Still bell, also? There are also different levels of foreign countries on the market for Epre.