The five major NBA players who are most likely to receive the best sixth season this season.

As of press time, 21-22 NBA season has grown 20 rounds of events, and the list of alliances and the list of strong competitors of major prize candidates have initially surfaced. So, in the field of the best sixth person, what NBA players have handed over the performance? In this article, the author will be slightly sorted, combined with the data and team scores, and invent the list of TOP5 for reference. Restricted by the space, if there is a bastus or discussion, welcome the fans to leave a message in the comment area.

Five, Xiao Kelly Ubre (Charlotte Hue)

Up to now, Ubreg has played 21 games (5 start, 16 replacement), and the field was 26.5 minutes, contributed 14.3 points 4.0 rebound 1.0 assists.

After the last season, I experienced the cold shooter started in Jinzhou. Before Ubury, I dared to fight in the waters and the sun, and the vibrant side flakes can be said to have fallen to the bottom. Although in the late season, Ubrey rebelled a lot after adapting to the warriors, but there was no opportunity
to make him with the warrior. In essence, Ubrey is the transition candidate of the Warriors. At that time, the short-term signing of the injury is also a short-term signing.

It is obvious that the sixth person will make Ubra. After joining Joe Board of Joe Board this season, Ubreg also played a sixth person who was completely worthwhile, and individuals finally passed to 38.5% of the level, crossed to Per36 data, Ubreg It is a 20 + 5-level flank, which can be said to be highly efficient. In the five people on the list, he is one of the least appearance time.

Fourth, Jay Brenton (Dallas alone)

Up to now, Jay Brenon has played 17 games (12 replacement, 5 first hair), and the field was bought for 29.2 minutes, contributing 15.1 points 5.3 assists 4.4 rebounds, shooting in the hit rate, 33.6% .

Jay Brensen is born in the sportsman. Father Rich Brey is a basketball player in NBA. Mother is a professional volleyball player. There is a nickname is ”Mask” Richard Hamilton. Long house uncle.

In the back of the NBA level, Jay Brandon’s movement ability and physical fitness are generally, which is why he was taken away at the 2018 Element No. 33. You must know that before participating in the draft, Jay Brenon is the core defender of the NCAA Champion University Villanova University. There are 19 points 4.6 assists NCAA performance. Previously in the U18, U19 American men’s basketball team Is the thigh.

After entering the exclusive man, Jay Brensen’s positioning has always been replaced by the subsidiary. After two seasons adapt, he has begun to show the signs of data jump last year, and this year’s data is once again jumped. Although the body is not fried, Jay Brenon is the left hand of jumper skills, and it is very selfless. As for the high color of the high glimmer and calm command, he proves himself in NCAA.

In the days to cooperate with Gauro Business Core East Chicchi, I believe that Jay Brenon, who is playing with the brain, will have many communication and take him through him. As the Sixth of the East Chickens & Supreme, Jay Brensen is worthy of this season. Because the rookie contract will end this season, Jay Braceon, which is more than 1.8 million US dollars, may soon usher in a million-level US dollar contract.

Third, Cameron Anthony (Los Angeles Lake)

Up to now, Anthony has played 21 games (3 games, 18 replacement), and the field was on 25.5 minutes, contributing 15.1 points 3.8 rebound 0.8 assists, shooting at hiting medium, 3 hits 43.9%.

Time is returned to the 18/19 season, and the melon Antoni ended the thunder’s short-term unexpected years, and he turned to join the Space City Houston Rockets, join in Harden, Paul and others. After coming to the Rocket, Cameron Anthony and the team’s mill, follow-up is also willing to compete for the team, and break the long continuous starting record.

After getting the Blazers extended out the olive branch and returned to the league, Anthony was first played a season, and then truly turned to sixth players in the second quarter of the city of Roses, and continued to play a high energy performance. For the current Anthony, the salary and singular status are not so important, and it is the pursuit of the situation in the conclusive situation before the end of your career.

In the past few seasons, Anthony’s three-point projection, the quasi-criticism brought by the ball has been rising, and this year’s three-pointer-hit rate is a new high. Perhaps there is a way to show the genitalical posture, but relying on the super fast starting from the increasing progressive shooting, Anthony is in the Lakers, the more demon, and played the performance of the best sixth person.

Second, Monterres Harrell? (Washington Wizard)

Up to now, Harrell has played 19 games (3 games, 16 replacement), and the field was 27.6 minutes, contributing 16.9 points 8.8 rebound 2.2 assists, the shooting rate of 64.9%, three hits the hit rate of 16.7%.

Harrell’s impression of the fans has always been inner lines, and the end of the end of the attack is high, the empty cost is excellent, and the best Sixth is also affirmed by the best. After bid farewell to Los Angeles to Washington, Harrell played a highlight performance in the Wizards team, which is the score of Bill only in the team. In the current wondo lineup, Harrell’s chaotic capabilities are very valued. His beast is naturally available to get a bigger space.

First, Taylor Hero? (Miami Heat)

Up to now, Hero has played 18 games (4 start, 14 replacement), and the field was 33.6 minutes, contributing 21.8 points 5.7 rebound 3.7 assists, 45.4% of the shooting rate, 39.8%.

On the training of Taylor Hero, the Heat has been positioned several roles before the last quarter, and the ball shooter, the core master, the ball strong attack, etc., came to this season, due to Lori’s joining, the heat is thinking Decided to treat them as a non-selling product, from the sixth person, from the replacement to exercise himself.

Because more is to lead the team in the replacement phase, Hiro has increased the opportunity to face a slight intensity defense, and the startup has risen from the 12.9 times last season to 18.2 times this season, but in the game Shang Hiro himself is also progressive. Beginning last second grade season last year, Taylor Hiro has shown many of his skilled emergency stop and cutting.

After a period of governance development, this is gradually gotting some kind of warfare. Although it is a substitute player, but the heat to the crucial moment will generally stay in Hiro. After all, his no-poliological ability is always, as for the ball on the limit to the answer. From now on, Hiro is the most fierce player, the most gorgeous replacement of the data, nature is also the best sixth person’s number one competitor.