The head coach Hendel is responsible for the shortage of the pirates and the inconsistency of this year’s record this year.

(Wen ESPN / Compilation DraSkar) Beijing time September 30th, Pittsburgh Pirate announced the contract of the team’s head coach Clint Hurdle.Hedger’s contract will only be expired for 2 years.He coached the pirates third in the league, second only to the giant Bruce – Bochy and Ned Yost, Kansas Royal Ned Yost.These two have announced retirement.

Pirate Team Catholic Clint Hurdle (Clint Hurdle)

Pirate Team Catholic Clint Hurdle (Clint Hurdle)

The record of the pirate this season is only 69 wins and 93 negative, set the worst achievement of Hundel. This is also the first time in China since 2010. Coincidentally, that is also the last season of John Russell, afterwards, afterwards.

The pirates began to join in the playoffs in 2013, and can be started from 2016, and the pirates have only last season winning rate. Even after August last year, the team’s achievements have a thousand feet, and the team’s final achievement is still 82 wins and 79 losses.

Hedger said this before being dismissed: ”If the team is in a
bad performance, the responsibility must be the main coach. I have been very clear about my responsibility, never escape, I will not avoid it. So this season team is not good. Absolutely needed. ”

Neal Huntington

Neal Huntington

Neal Huntington said in the statement: ”Optical speech can’t express our respect and appreciation of Clint. No matter where he is a leader or ordinary person, he is worthy of our respect. He is correct The candidate appeared in the correct time, leading our team to go out of the long-term unable to enter the mudmade in the playoffs, and broke into the playoffs for three consecutive years. We will always remember his contribution to the team and the ball, whether it is a field It is still a field. This decision is very difficult to us. As a ball, we decide to replace the main coach now, introduce new sounds to the team, find new candidates to lead the team to lead the team to the new direction. ”

”From many ways, this season is very difficult. We will evaluate and improve our bolus operation at all levels, hoping to make the team back to the playoffs”

Bob Nutting expressed support for General Manager Huntington in the statement.

”Although we decided to replace the team’s coach, I firmly believe that Neil Huntington and his team leaders can continue to lead our baseball operations to advance toward the correct direction.”

Hedger has been in the 19th season of the pirate main coach, and three times in the seasons have been overwhelmed. The last time I lost to Chicago Bear in 2015. He has a total record of 735 wins 735 wins, 7,720, ranked fourth in the history of piracy. In 2013, he also won the honor of the Best Coach of the National Association.

Since the first day of his last day, Hardley strives to lead the team to return to the playoffs and strive to glory for Pittsburgh. In the end, Hedger finally ended the team with a bad record of the playoffs for 20 years. At his office, he accepted the management more proposes from the perspective of data analysis, and the three years have also achieved success. The famous author Travis Sawchik wrote ”Big Data Baseball: A Miracle of the End Club 20 years”, which recorded this story.

The book is written in the book, and Hedger is the core of the 2013-15 season, and many old will work together, including AJ-Burnt (A.j. Burnett) and Russel Martin. There are also many young leaders in the team, such as Jordy Mercer and Tony Watson – Of course, there is also a star Andrew McCutchen. And Grrit Cole.

Since 2016, the results of pirate began to go downhill. Especially this season, pirates are not only bad, and the field is constantly moving out of the unharitable sound.

Keone Klea

Keone Klea

In July, the latter pitcher Qison Kra (Klea Klea) was suspended by the team’s interior of the team. A few weeks later, the other of the pirates Kyle Cristk and cows coach Oclides Rojas Rojas occurred, and there were 2 Rojas in the pirate.

At the beginning of August, Clark threw the ball in Drek Dietrich in the game of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, which triggered the ball, and finally 8 people were banned, and Hudel himself also ranked.

In September, Crek was injured in the fight against Felip Vazquez in the locker indoor and the team. After the next week, Wawzquiz was arrested in a number of heavy crimes, including sexual assault.

Before the start of the All-Star game, the pirate is only a winner, and the 28 games after the all-star game, the pirates only got four victories, and they fell into the bottom of the partition.

Among them, the pirates 2018 trading deadlines are desirable from the rays of the leader Chris Archer. Since the joining pirates, his record is only 6 wins and 12 losses, and the loss of self-blame is more than 4.92. Austin Meadows and Tyler Glasnow were blurred in the rays.

Although this is not all Hedger’s fault, the current situation of the team is enough to let the team will dismiss him.

The pirate will also go to the job after the giant, San Diego priest, and the Chicago bear. The team’s existing coach group members may not retain, including the famous pitcher coaching thunder – Sarachi.