The Houston Spaceman recently raised the first Pitcher Corbin Martin from the 3A League.The first time Martin’s performance is quite good, the team will arrange him again in the face of Boston’s red socks.In today’s competition, Martin first sent a 4 game to be knocked out of 5 security and slammed 3 points, and 2 points were self-responsibilities.Although there is no three vibration, it is not easy to face the defending champion.After the game is over, Martin’s self-blade rises to 3.86. Martin, who has 95 miles above 95 miles, is the potential of Houston Space people, as a new star cultivated by the ball, and space people have a high hope for him. Two first issued a good skill, Martin is also willing to contribute to this victory. At present, the spaceman hits ten consecutive wins, firmly occupying the throne of the United States of America.Tank Soil Dynasty Master Martin Dream Great LeagueMartin is Houston Local, born in the 50 mile town in the northwest of Houston. He passed the ball at the home of the space man during the high school, university, and big alliance in the spring training. He was at home, the main investment 5.1 bureau, three vibrants only saved 1 time, his performance has also won the recognition of the coaching group, temporarily replacing the Colin-McChuga, which is struggling this season, Collin Mchugh ) In the position of the first round value. As a rookie selected in 2017, he is also a player who is going to board the big alliance.After the game, Martin talked about when he was replaced, he sat down on the troops, there is a feeling of dreams. ”I feel very good in this game, compared with the game of the small alliance, I have not yet made unnecessary bad balls. I have been working hard to get rid of this bad habit, and my hard work is achieved.”When he learned that he was transferred to the big alliance, he was preparing to follow the 3A team to return home to prepare the next game. When he just heard this news, he almost couldn’t believe his ears.The first show of his big profit fully shows his strength, facing the first round of opponents, and he uses the most hands-free speed ball and sliding the opponent. In the second round, he joined the shifting ball, connecting the captured hand Max – Stassi also praised his performance.Space people want to be the 6thMartin was explored by the big alliance ball in high school, but he finally chose to entered the local NGA University. In the first two seasons in the university, he only cast a total of 44 games, three vibrated 54 simultaneous delivery also reached 33 times. When he was first in the university, his performance was very upset, and the scouts could see his talent, but the poor controlled ball has always been his problem. He can only play it in the game as a support.In 2016, Martin’s excellent performance in the Cape Cape Association attracted a lot of scouting. Although he is still from the cow shed, it has voted 15.2, Martin’s controlled ball has great improvement. He Zhen Zhen 22 players, but he passed 3 people. His speed rapid speed reached 93-96 miles, and his change ball also reached the level of the average level, his pool movement is very easy, showing very good Sport talent. Therefore, when he is three, as long as he can stand in the front of the team in the front-round position and cast a good grade, he is expected to be selected in the first round.Martin’s performance did not completely reached the expectations of the scouts. He has a total of 24 times in the third season, including 13 first, and the number of pitch is ranked third. His control is improved by two seasons before, but the problem is still there. He cast a total of 87.2, or the 38 players were guaranteed. Although his score is not so ideal, he appreciates his scouts still determined that he has the strength of the previous selection. The Houston Spaceman smelling this opportunity when they did this, and they signed Martin in the second round of 56, and paid him a $ 1 million signs.The measuring eye is visible to the Space Man 2After the draft, Martin’s progress on the court. In the first season of him entered the Space People’s ball, he was investing a total of 32.2 bureaus in the rookie alliance, with a high-vibration rate of only 33.6%, and the guaranteed rate was only 7%; he was rapidly promoted in the Space Mannequin in the Space Man. After cast 19 games, it was raised to 2A. This year, after the 3A League sent four games, he was touched in less than 2 years, and his big alliance dream was circled in front of his hometown.His speed is still maintained between 93-97 mi, if you need his speed, he has two challengers, and the quality is also very good. He is 83-87 miles of speed, and the change is large and dramatic. But his tail is very good, and it is similar to the movement and speed ball, and there is a better deceptive.Martin’s change ball enriches his sphere, but looking at the whole career, he is famous for the fireball. The average speed of his speed ball in his speed reached 95.7 miles, and the speed of speed can reach 98.2 mi in the small union. His speed ball can reach 2411 per minute, and this season can be ranked fifth in the first franchise of all the average speeds of more than 95 miles. One of him is in front of him is the winner of the final season, and two of him is the same.Martin has a spheres above 3 alliances, and his future is expected to become the first pitcher at the League 2. Of course, he can achieve such an upper limit to be observed. Although the ball’s problem has been changed, 7.8% in the small alliance is far from the top level. Among the hundred lists announced before the media season, Martin is famous. However, in some experts, although Martin is the top 50 new show, he continues to make a three-vibrating capacity to be observed. If he does not continue to improve the ball, it is more likely to be improved in the action of the ball.Of course, the space man cultivates the history of the first firing very well. They can help pitks to achieve the upper limit of development, so the coaches that the main coach AJ-Sschi will help Martin to achieve the height to be observed. Singge’s evaluation of Martin was also very high: ”His talent is very good, and his training attitude is very good for a pitcher who has just become a professional player. He has a good prospect.”