The injury is struggling with the 35-year-old Super Bowl, four points, Shuirak, was cut off by wild horses.

March 20 (Wen / ESPN JEFF LEGWOLD Compilation / Slash) Denver Wilda announced on Thursday that they have cut the former super bowls MVP Joe-Vlaco. Vlaco is placed in the injury reserves due to the neck intervertebral disc herniation in the last season, and now it has become an unrestricted free player.

In 2019, Frako’s first Danfo wild horse won the record of 2-6, throwing 6 times and 5 times, passing 1822 yards, passing 65.3%. The 35-year-old Vlaco contract is still two years. In order to steadily salary, the Wild Horse has re-allocated the contract amount: $ 23.65 million in 2020, as well as 2021,665 million US dollars.

When the wild horse signed a 2-year contract with the four-point Guajofev-Driskel this week, the latter became the replacement of Drew Lock, Frakama It is an expectation that is expected. This is the big phase of the trium. John Elway, President and General Manager of Wild Hema, has also said that Vlaco is very material, and ”is rushing to the peak in the real sense.”

I have to say that the wild is very difficult in the courtyard, especially in the case of Frach. On only 2 games in Vlaco, the number of codes threw will be more than 160 yards, but he was killed 26 times in these two games.

Flaco’s last first started in the season, in front of the Printa Pollis Pony, his neck has been discomfort in a few weeks, he was repeated in this game defeated by Pony. Very powerful impact, this game is even more important in all competitions in this season. After five days, he entered the injury reserves.

After the end of the last season, Vlaco received a neck examination twice, including the nuclear magnetic resonance in February. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Fraco did not accept the examination of the medical staff after discharged from December 30, but people believe that if the Fraco sign, he will do it before the next season. Healthy preparation. At the end of the 2019 season, Vlaco said that he would like to continue the game after the medical examination.

Even if you restore health, Vlaco is also difficult to return to the superbit of the super bowl.

Even if you restore health, Vlaco is also difficult to return to the superbit of the super bowl.

People, I believe that Vlaco can restore health, but the wild horse will give him a time. ”At this point, I may be a bit worried about other things, but if (as a substitute) is a must, I think I can still beat,” Frach said like it. ”If you are cut off, you are still here anymore, if this is a must, just let me return to the game, start the game, then no problem, I will go this way. ”

Dru Rock, last April, two-year show in the wild, first five games in the final season, playing 4-1 record. Elvi said in the joint inspection training camp for last month, Rocke, if it is not ”not real”. After the rookie experienced a season with a volt-striped struggle, the rookie finally proved his strength to the uniform group, and the team arranged Rock’s starting from the board.

In 12 NFL seasons, Vlaco’s starting record is 98-73, throwing 40067 yards, 218 reachable and 141 copy. In the 2012 playoffs, that is also the year of the 47th Super Bowl of the 47th Super Bowl with Baltimore, He also contributed 11 to 0. Time flies, the scenery is no longer. The 35-year-old four-point guard Joe-Vlaco is just cut in the wild horse. It was sent to hopes. It can be hoped, but the final age is in this, the data is hurt, and the injury is hurting. Where is his future, we have to continue waiting.